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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

I am counting down to Christmas! The holidays are near, and many of us are thinking about food. I enjoy cooking and eating a variety of foods during the holidays. The recipes below are easily prepared.


Bean Dip


Rudolph Driving a Convertible By Cheryl Hughes

You know, if I thought he’d be able to find them, I’d ask Santa for Clorox wipes and Bounty holiday napkins for Christmas.  I’m really missing both things this season.  Sure, I’ve made do.  I’ve poured alcohol over stacks of generic unscented wipes, but the areas I clean don’t seem as clean without my Clorox wipes.  I have found paper napkins that are Christmassy, but they’re not the same as the Bounty ones with the snowmen and bells and trees.  I’m not trying to be ungrateful, it’s just that there are little things that make the season for me, and I feel a void without them this year.


Jarrod Jacobs: The Priceless Word of God

Do we know the value of God’s word? Many consider it worthless. Yet, those who are spiritually minded (I Cor. 1:18) and love the Lord place great value upon God’s word. What makes the word of God priceless?


Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

Last week we talked Christmas movies.  You know what goes well with Christmas movies? Snacks! From peanut butter balls to Christmas cookies, you can never go wrong with a good snack. 


Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

Recently, I have been thinking about Christmas stocking gifts. I want to stuff the stockings with items my family members will like. However, I am not creative in the Christmas-stocking realm, and my children and grandchildren can probably predict their stockings’ contents. 

Thinking about my own predictability, I asked friends and family, “Does your family fill Christmas stockings? If so, what kind of items are in the stockings?” Their responses are listed below:

-Yes! Mostly candy/snacks, gift cards and small gifts.


Don Locke; Lookin Thru Bifocals

The Interesting things that define well-known people.


Cheryl Hughes: Adaptability

In the mid 1970’s, while I was attending WKU, I had a roommate named Polly Hume.  She was, and is, hands down the most positive person I have ever known.  It was on our apartment refrigerator that I first read the words “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  The quote was on a poster Polly taped to the refrigerator door.


Jarrod Jacobs: “A Man After God's Own Heart”

The statement above is well-known to many. It is based on the words of Scripture found in I Samuel 13:14 and Acts 13:22. What made David a man after God’s own heart? The answer to this question is found in I Samuel 13:14. Can we possess those characteristics today? Let the Bible answer.

When reading I Samuel 13, we see that David was “a man after God’s own heart” because he was obedient to the Lord. God saw in David something not found in Saul, and that was his willingness to continue to obey God even when it was hard to do!


OPINION: Kentucky coming up lame in economic growth race

Jim Waters

This year’s COVID-19 version of the Kentucky Derby featured an upset win by Authentic over heavily favored Tiz the Law, who came rocketing towards the winner in a furious homestretch battle but couldn’t overtake him.


EDITORIAL: Bright spots in a bleak year

No doubt 2020 will be remembered in history as one of the more challenging years in American history, or even world history for that matter.  COVID-19, its spread, government responses, economic distress, and an education system struggling are some of the difficulties this global pandemic has wrought on communities across the county - and that includes ours. 



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