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Around Kentucky ... A day after the Kentucky House overwhelmingly passed a bill that makes attacks on po­lice and other first responders a hate crime, four House Republicans filed a bill to repeal Kentucky’s hate crimes law altogether. --Courier-Journal * * * he kissing bug may sound like a virus that plagues the protagonist of a romantic comedy, but in fact, these insects are real, and one species does occur in Kentucky. These blood-feeding insects have received a lot of media attention due to the potential health effects of their bites in the southwestern United States. --KY Press News Service * * * With increasing public interest and media attention throughout the U.S. regarding the use of deadly force by law enforcement agencies, the Kentucky State Police announced Wednesday the recent formation of a new unit designed to add experience, expertise, and transparency to investigations of officer-involved shootings in the state. --KY Press News Service


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Poll of the Day

Do you think citizens with concealed-carry permits should be able to carry their weapons onto school property or a public university campus?

Yes, it is their legal and constitutional right to do so and it may even make those places safer.
54% (122 votes)
No, carrying weapons onto school grounds is not protected by the constitution and it would be dangerous.
24% (55 votes)
Undecided. There are good arguments on both sides of this issue.
21% (48 votes)
Total votes: 225