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Ford Motor Co. and a South Korean partner company showed off their progress Monday in developing a massive battery production venture in Kentucky, where they have laid the groundwork for one of the “big bets” the automaker is making in its electric vehicle business. Dirt has been moved, concrete poured and steel structures are being built according to plan so far, the companies said. Production is scheduled to start in 2025 at the two battery manufacturing plants being built in Glendale, Kentucky. The venture will employ 5,000 people to produce batteries for future Ford and Lincoln electric vehicles.* * * The Supreme Court 's conservative majority sounded sympathetic Monday to a Christian graphic artist who objects to designing wedding websites for gay couples, a dispute that's the latest clash of religion and gay rights to land at the highest court. The designer and her supporters say that ruling against her would force artists — from painters and photographers to writers and musicians — to do work that is against their beliefs. Her opponents, meanwhile, say that if she wins, a range of businesses will be able to discriminate, refusing to serve Black customers, Jewish or Muslim people, interracial or interfaith couples or immigrants, among others.


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