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Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said the state is considering steps including a 10 p.m. curfew for bars and restaurants to further stop the spread of COVID-19. Beshear said that he believes cases in Kentucky are plateauing, but said he is considering other mitigation steps, such as a strictly enforced seat rule for bars. * * * Legislation proposed for the 2021 General Assembly would make breast cancer treatment more affordable for patients by removing financial restraints that currently keep them from accessing care. The measure, sponsored by Rep. Kim Banta, R-Ft. Mitchell, would require that the federal Department for Medicaid Services exempt individuals who have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer from meeting spend-down requirements to be eligible for Medicaid services. * * * At the last minute, President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, are searching for places to impressively yet safely accept their parties' presidential nominations as the spread of the coronavirus adds fresh uncertainty to the campaign for the White House. Trump said Wednesday he's considering giving his Aug. 27 acceptance speech on the grounds of the White House, a move that could violate ethics law. Biden, meanwhile, scrapped plans to accept the Democratic nomination on Aug. 20 in Milwaukee, where the party has spent more than a year planning a massive convention.


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