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Bullying: Look for the signs

Because of the recent tragedy due to bullying,  I would like to share my experience with you from a mother's point of view. I hope that it can help give a parent signs to look for, and possibly make a difference in someone's life. My daughter was extremely out going, very active and shared her feelings and  emotions with me about everything. A few months into her freshmen year of high school, I noticed changes in her. When she stopped smiling, I knew that something was wrong. She wouldn't talk to me about her feelings anymore. She started becoming very reclusive.


It's in the Love, Not the Blood: Leap of Faith

I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference--- Robert Frost 

It has never been a secret that my husband and I adopted our children from foster care.  There have been moments when talking about adoption the look of “oh, you adopted one of THOSE kids” has crossed someone’s face.  If you could lend me a few moments of your time, I would like to dispel a few myths about children adopted from foster care.  

Myth:  You will never love an adopted child like your own.


Letter to the Editor: Jemal Wade Hines

Hello all,

I hope you’re doing well. I want to submit this letter to the editor as my wife Moksha and I, along with our sons Kaleb & Sylvan are going to DC next weekend to lobby on Capitol Hill as part of the ONE Campaign Power Summit. Next Tuesday, March 05th, ONE reps from every state will meet with all congressmen and senators on the same day! 

Every year, the United States saves millions of lives and helps create a better, safer world for everyone – and we do it for a mere fraction of our federal budget. 


Cheryl Hughes: Documented

Sometimes, old documents appear at our house, seemingly out of thin air.  Recently, I was looking through my small personal safe, searching for Garey’s army discharge papers, when I came upon something unexpected.  Savings Bonds.  From 1970 & ’71.  There were seven little pieces of yellowed paper, each marked with a face value of $25.  I know zero about bonds—I’m an annuity kinda girl—so I asked Garey about them.  He said he’d known about them all along, and that he had paid $18.75 apiece for them back in the day.


Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

Between 1979 and 1989, U. S.


Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

We have started the income tax season. For most of us, the federal tax filing deadline this year is April 15, 2024. Gathering information for tax filing is definitely a chore. I always dread filing, but I usually file in February to get it behind me. 



LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Representative Rebecca Raymer

House continues to pass meaningful legislation


Wrapping up yet another week in Frankfort in the 2024 Regular Session, we have officially surpassed the halfway mark. We now have less than 30 legislative working days to conclude our business for the year, and pass even more legislation to make Kentucky even stronger.


Cheryl Hughes: Wisdom with Age

Sometimes, when I’m home by myself for an extended period of time, I wonder what I would do if Garey passed away before I do.  I would definitely NOT want another relationship.  Life is hard and marriage is even harder.  This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate my relationship with Garey, but it took a lot of hard work to get to where we are now, and I’m too tired to invest that much effort into anybody else.  No, I would want to continue by myself.  I have family and friends enough for me to be happy and helped.


Bluegrass Institute analysis of K-12 spending: Less bang for billions of KY taxpayers’ bucks

FRANKFORT – This June marks the 35th anniversary of the Kentucky Supreme Court’s famous Rose V. Council for Better Education, which determined that the commonwealth failed to abide by Section 183 of the state’s constitution requiring the legislature to “provide for an efficient system of common schools throughout the State.


Cheryl Hughes: Worth

I read once that you teach people how to treat you. No one knows this better than my cat, Brother. Brother’s nose seems to be perpetually cold, and he has decided that the only way to warm it is to bury it in the crook of my arm, while sitting on my lap. He purrs loudly as he does this in order to bring to my attention the fact that he is happy with this arrangement. If I notice he is happy, I won’t move from my spot, where he is sitting happily in his spot, and he can continue sitting on me until his nose is warm or he grows weary of sitting on my bony legs.



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