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Bullying: Look for the signs

Because of the recent tragedy due to bullying,  I would like to share my experience with you from a mother's point of view. I hope that it can help give a parent signs to look for, and possibly make a difference in someone's life. My daughter was extremely out going, very active and shared her feelings and  emotions with me about everything. A few months into her freshmen year of high school, I noticed changes in her. When she stopped smiling, I knew that something was wrong. She wouldn't talk to me about her feelings anymore. She started becoming very reclusive.


It's in the Love, Not the Blood: Leap of Faith

I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference--- Robert Frost 

It has never been a secret that my husband and I adopted our children from foster care.  There have been moments when talking about adoption the look of “oh, you adopted one of THOSE kids” has crossed someone’s face.  If you could lend me a few moments of your time, I would like to dispel a few myths about children adopted from foster care.  

Myth:  You will never love an adopted child like your own.


OPINION: Kentucky coming up lame in economic growth race

Jim Waters

This year’s COVID-19 version of the Kentucky Derby featured an upset win by Authentic over heavily favored Tiz the Law, who came rocketing towards the winner in a furious homestretch battle but couldn’t overtake him.


EDITORIAL: Bright spots in a bleak year

No doubt 2020 will be remembered in history as one of the more challenging years in American history, or even world history for that matter.  COVID-19, its spread, government responses, economic distress, and an education system struggling are some of the difficulties this global pandemic has wrought on communities across the county - and that includes ours. 


Andy Sullivan; Against The Grain

As we transition from Thanksgiving to the Christmas season, there are a few things traditions that we will not get to enjoy because of COVID-19.  There are some, however, that are made for staying in.  One of those is Christmas movies.  I watched my first Christmas movie of


Patty Craig; A Slice Of Time

This pandemic has had ripple effects.  Not only is COVID-19 a potentially deadly virus, but it has also resulted in great distress. The three articles below mentioned some effects of living in a pandemic.


Don Locke: Lookin Thru Bifocals

Bible stories: here is one. In 2 kings 5, we find the story of Naaman, The commander-in-chief of the Syrian army. The king of Syria had a high regard for Naaman; had led his troops in many glorious victories- a great hero. But he was a leper.


Cheryl Hughes; The sounds of Christmas

On Saturday, my daughter, Natalie, and I drove to Owensboro to deliver Christmas gifts to my sister, Marsha.  We had the radio set to one of those stations that plays 24-7 Christmas music.  When “My Favorite Things” began playing, Natalie turned the volume completely down and proclaimed, “Whoever decided “My Favorite Things” should be a Christmas song needs to be drug out into the street and shot!”  I nodded in agreement.  “That is a Julie Andrews’ song, a “Sound o


Jerrod Jacobs: “The Dangers Of Assuming About Other People”

II Samuel 10 (and II Chron. 19) speaks of a time when David’s kindness was misinterpreted as evil. An assumption was made by the princes of the Ammonites. They thought that David had sent spies into the country (v. 3). He’d not done this. Instead, this was a diplomatic action following Nahash, the Ammonite’s death (v. 2). Yet, because of the princes’ assumption, David’s men were insulted, horribly mistreated, and sent away (v. 4-5). The end result was that the Ammonites hired the Syrians as soldiers, and David and Israel went to war with the Ammonites and Syrians.


Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

The origins of the song “A Hazy Shade Of Winter” can be traced back to the ‘60’s.  1966, in fact was when it was released by Simon & Garfunkel.  It was originally a stand-alone single but was eventually included on the duo’s fourth studio album, Bookends, in 1968.  The song peaked at #13 on the Hot 100.  In 1987, The Bangles record



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