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Don Locke: Thru Bifocals

This and That.

(This title allows me to talk about different things.)

One or two or three malipropisms (malaprops) are words that come close to being correct then somehow go bonkers.     


Cheryl Hughes: Training Day

Since the era of social distancing has begun, we have had to teach a lot of people how to reset their “change oil” reminders on their personal vehicles when they come in for an oil change at New Image Car Care.  Many vehicles have them.  Some reminders simply say “change oil soon,” others give a percentage number reflecting how much life is left on the current oil change, while others have a “maintenance required” suggestion. 


Jarrod Jacobs: Does It Matter What We Believe?

Many today ask this question about religious matters. Some will say that it does not matter what we believe so long as we are honest and sincere about religious issues. Others will say that what we believe matters, religiously. Which answer is correct? Let us look to the Bible and see whether or not what I believe “matters”.


Jim Waters: Bluegrass Beacon

Individual liberty strengthens the common good

Our nation was founded on the unique principle that individuals acting in their own self-interest would overcome the greatest of challenges while keeping government power in check.


Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

Recently, like many of you, I’ve had more-than-normal time at home. I’ve filled the time with normal activities, extra reading, and a few projects. To date, the projects have included making several masks, dividing 50 years of collected family-and-friends pictures between my three daughters, and spring cleaning (only about 40% complete).


Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

Oh, You Didn’t Know?


Don Locke: Lookin’ Thru Bifocals

This came to mind, this trip down Memory Lane (not in any order):

Here are some kid games we played back with Heck was a pup.


Cheryl Hughes: Bloom

The yellow irises are blooming in my backyard.  They don’t know there is a virus sweeping the nation.  They just know it’s spring.


Jarrod Jacobs: The Old Law Was Done Away

A common misconception is that the Old Law (Law of Moses) was not done away. How often do we see the Ten Commandments posted? I realize that with “political correctness,” the Ten Commandments are not as likely to be seen in public, but they are still on people’s minds.


Jim Waters: Bluegrass Beacon

Why no seat for taxpayers on new pension board?

A quasi-government group’s response to Gov. Andy Beshear’s signature of legislation creating a separate board for the County Employees Retirement System (CERS) – which covers local government workers and classified school personnel – illustrates the wrong-headed mindset at the heart of all of Kentucky pension woes.



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