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Senator Meredith's Bill to Streamline Medicaid Managed Care Organizations Gains Senate Approval

Senate Bill 24 passes the Senate with bipartisan support

FRANKFORT, KY (January 16, 2024) — Today, the Kentucky state Senate passed Senate Bill (SB) 24, a measure sponsored by Sen. Stephen Meredith, R-Leitchfield. This legislative initiative represents Sen. Meredith's ongoing commitment to addressing and streamlining the number of managed care organizations (MCOs) contracted by the Department for Medicaid Services, capping them at a maximum of three.


Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

We’ve come a long way since the decade of the ‘80’s.  I’ve been watching a series on the ‘80’s that I recorded from Nat Geo called The ‘80’s Top Ten.  There were six episodes in the series.  The first was on ‘80’s fashion.


Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

When really cold winter weather comes along, I look for comfort foods. Some, like vegetable soup, may be good for me, but many are not low-carb or low-calorie foods. Most of my favorites should be consumed in moderation, definitely not while looking out at a cold –and sometimes messy – winter landscape.

Thinking along this line, I asked friends and family, “When the winter weather is really cold or messy, what snacks, foods, or drinks do you crave?” Their answers are listed below.

-Potato soup, vegetable soup, and fudge!


Cheryl Hughes: Feeling is Believing

Friday afternoon, as my granddaughter and I were getting ready to make noodles with her new pasta machine, I questioned the consistency of the dough she was kneading.

“I don’t know, Sabria,” I said, “It look like it’s too dry.  Maybe I should add a little water.”

“Trust the process, Gee” Sabria said.


Jarrod Jacobs: What God Sees What Man Does Not See

When God sent Samuel to anoint one of Jesse’s sons as the next king, he was sure that he had found the new king when he saw Eliab (I Sam. 16:6). “But the LORD said to Samuel, ‘Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart’” (I Sam. 16:7).


Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

This week, I will start a decade’s series that I will return to sporadically throughout the new year.  As you know, I watch a lot of compilation shows: AXS Top 10 among them.  Lately, while cleaning out my DVR, I’ve happened upon a show called Very Best of The 80’s, also on AXS.  One of the subjects in this series of half-hour shows was the best cartoons of the ‘80’s.  Here are a few interesting tidbits I gleaned from the show.


JIM WATERS: New Year’s wish for the ’24 legislature: Yield not to spending temptations

Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear and his political ilk are pushing hard to make their dreams of record government spending a reality as the General Assembly gathers to debate and deliver a new two-year budget.


LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: State Representative Rebecca Raymer

2024 legislative session underway

As the holidays end and the new year begins, the legislature is back in the capital city to do the work of the people. Though the first week of the legislative session is primarily occupied with administrative business, more than a hundred bills were filed. We will take up dozens of them before we adjourn on April 15, but by far the most important issue on our agenda is the state budget.


Cheryl Hughes: Axe

I might have told you this before—as I age, I find I tend to repeat myself—but when Garey and I began dating, 49 years ago now, he told me he was the Golden Glove boxing champion of Alabama.  He wasn’t.  That didn’t stop me from believing him, however, and bragging about it to my friends, one of whom asked him about it.  He thought it was hilarious that I actually believed him.  I was not amused.  He had told me that little factoid in response to my asking him how his arms go so muscled up.  Garey was buff when we first met.


Jarrod Jacobs: Would Jesus Do What We Do?

We sometimes see or hear the question asked, “What would Jesus do?” In this article, however, I wish to ask whether or not Jesus would do what we are doing. Would He be practicing what we are practicing? May we take these thoughts to heart …



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