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Cheryl Hughes; When in Rome

A week ago Sunday, I cut my left thumb with a razor blade.  I was scraping a label from a pickle jar, so I could use the jar for homemade jelly, when the razor blade slipped.  I cleaned the cut, put a Band-Aid on it then continued with my jelly making.  I had to change Band-Aids several times because of the bleeding, which I wrote off to the fact that I am on high blood pressure medicine.


Senator C. B. Embry Jr. Legislative Update

The Kentucky General Assembly has officially gaveled in for the 2021 Regular Session. Our first official few days back in Frankfort have been productive. Diligent work over the course of the 2020 Interim and handling initial procedural responsibilities bring me confidence in what this 30-day session has in store.


Jarrod Jacobs: Take Heed What You Hear

There are few words of advice more needed today than the words of Christ in Mark 4:24. In a world that’s filled with “fake news,” it’s hard to know the truth. Pilate once asked sarcastically, “What is truth?” (Jn. 18:38), but I believe some today are asking this question sincerely.

We’re a generation bombarded with information, yet we have so little knowledge! In a sense, people of every age have endured this problem. Had that not been so, Jesus wouldn’t have said what He did in Mark 4:24.


OPINION: The Center Still Holds

OUT ON A LIMB/John Embry

Wednesday was historic no doubt.  As what appeared to be a few hundred rioters somehow made their way inside the U.S.


Andy Sullivan; Against The Grain

Are you guys familiar with Leslie Jordan?


Patty Craig: A Slice Of Time

With each New Year, I think about what I want to change in the coming year. Dave Ramsey stated, “Creating a goal, and taking ownership of it, will give you more incentive to meet your goal. Setting a time frame will help you develop more realistic goals, too.


Don Locke; Lookin Thru Bifocals

Things that come to mind at 87: May I share. Old sayings:


Cheryl Hughes: Hard Choices

You raise your children to break your heart.  This thought came to me as I was packing away Christmas decorations.  There is a finality to undressing a Christmas tree, to taking stockings from the mantel, to removing lights from porches and shrubs.  Yes, there will be next year, and Novembe


Jarrod Jacobs: John the Baptist

John the Baptist (or John the Immerser) stands as a key figure in Bible history. It was he who was the forerunner for Christ. He “prepared the way” for Jesus by preaching repentance and telling folks the Messiah would soon be on earth (Mk. 1:2-5). In his humility, he was quick to tell people that he wasn’t the Messiah (Jn. 3:28). John thought he wasn’t worthy to untie the Messiah’s shoes (Mk. 1:7)! In our vernacular, he was like the best man at a wedding (Jn. 3:29). He would rejoice for the groom and get out of the way (Jn. 3:30)!


Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

About this time for the past few years, I’ve done a Big Dummy Awards where I shined a light on some, shall we say questionable behavior in Holly-weird.  2020 has put the kibosh on a lot of things.  The Big Dummy Awards being one of those things. 



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