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Patty Craig; A Slice Of Times

The approach of cold-weather months – just like seasonal change – routinely brings healthy living to mind. I believe this is because caring for one’s health is harder when getting outside is more challenging. Nonetheless, some of the reading I’ve been doing includes preventative measures we can take to feel better about ourselves.


Don Locke; Lookin Thru Bifocals

What have you seen lately? Really seen.


Cheryl Hughes; Let's Schedule This

I heard an interesting concept on NPR last week.  Someone has recently written a book on worry, and she suggested during this unprecedented time of stress over the pandemic, race relations and the volatile political climate, we might consider scheduling time to worry.  She said


OPINION: We’ve got to do better, to be better as a nation

OUT ON A LIMB/John Embry

Election day has come and gone.  Votes are still being counted.  Tensions are high.  Accusations are flying.  The country is obviously divided.  It looks like former Vice-President Joe Biden is likely to be victorious, despite the appearance of some degree of electoral shenanigans in various states.  But, as of this writing, the ra


Jarrod Jacobs: Christ Reigns Today

In the midst of an election controversy and charges being hurled against one side and the other of fraud and the like, please remember that our Lord Jesus Christ reigns today. This is a fact that’s lost on many.


Andy Sullivan; Against The Grain

In the spirit of Halloween that just ended, my first cover review of the week is “I Put A Spell On You”.  I’d always been familiar with this song as done by Creedence Clearwater Revival, who took the song to #58 and performed the song at Woodstock.  The origins of the song go back further,


Patty Craig; A Slice Of Time

My houseplants are currently being moved around – it’s a seasonal thing. My sunporch is a three-season room, and its temperature is not stable for plants through the winter. Since I like houseplants, I don’t mind. Three houseplants that have really grown this year include an asparagus fern, a Croton or Jospeh’s Coat plant, and a grape ivy plant. Although these plants are easy to grow, providing the right environment can sometimes mean change.


Cheryl Hughes;Typing Class

One day at work, after Greg hunted and pecked out a customer’s name on the computer keyboard, he turned to me and said, “I wish I had taken typing in high school.”


Jarrod Jacobs: The Great Salvation In Christ

             In Hebrew 2:1-5, the Jewish Christians were shown the great salvation that belongs to those in Christ. What is it that makes salvation great? Let us find out.



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