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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

I love the month of June. I think my fondness began when I was a young teacher and my children were small. I enjoyed the long days with my kiddos, knowing we had a few weeks to relax. In more recent years, I have enjoyed my grandchildren having a day – or more – to spend with Granny.

June is a good month for activities. Historically, Morgantown weather in June has been warm. The average high temperature is 84 degrees, the average low temperature is 62 degrees, and the average precipitation is 3.93 inches. The month typically allows for outdoor projects, such as lawn work, gardening, building, and painting. Also, more often than not, the temperatures are favorable for outdoor eating. For me, June has provided a different routine that included warm weather, outdoor projects, and outdoor eating.

Wondering what others enjoy about June, I asked friends and family, “What do you enjoy about June?” Their responses are listed below.

-Pretty weather, longer days, and the start of summer.

-Gardening. This year my plan is to give away everything I grow to the elderly. I’ve found they appreciate it so much more than younger people. I gave an older gentleman some corn last year, and you’d have thought I gave him a million dollars.

-As a kid, my daddy would tie a string to a June bug, and I would play with it. It is also my birthday month and the beginning of summer.

-Flowers are at their best before hot weather hits.

-No cicadas!

-I love the long days and warm weather. Camping and spending time with my kids and grandkids. Fresh garden veggies and grilling out. Summer is my favorite season.

-June is my birth month. My mother’s pregnancy was very difficult, and she was urged to abort me. She refused, trusting God in whatever the outcome might be. And, despite the fact that I was born very premature, I was a very healthy, happy baby after only a few weeks’ stint in the NICU. June always reminds me of the fact that God is still in the business of miracles, and I feel incredibly grateful for the bravery of my mom and for my life.

-June is a month of duality. Weather is typically mixed: warm and cool, sunshine and clouds…the return of summer begins in full. People are busy with getting daily life events done, children focus on play and sports, as well as public events roll out. Families tend to come together (even remotely) with planning for the upcoming major holiday in the following month, vacations are happening, and the economy begins to stabilize after spring disruptions. June is a time of mixed blessings.

-I enjoy the weather leveling out finally.

-June is good summer weather before it gets so hot and muggy – if it’s normal weather! It’s usually nice vacation weather.

-The beginning of summer weather.

-I enjoy celebrating my dad’s memory on his birthday and on Father’s Day. My birthday is in June, too, so there’s always a great family meal (of my choice) to anticipate. I’m thankful for every June birthday I live to see.

-As a teacher, I love June. It’s when I get to rest and reset. I love to sleep late, swim, and walk for exercise.

-In June, I enjoy the warm weather and being outside more as long as it isn’t too hot. I also love all my flowers that I have set out and watching them grow and get more beautiful.

-It’s the first month of summer break, so I sleep until 10, roll out of bed, put a bathing suit on, and then tan until 2. I love it!

-Getting outside more, planting flowers, and playing pickle ball!

-Camping season!

In addition to the summer solstice, June is the birth month of my late husband and of one of our daughters, making it a time of celebration over the years. SanJean Hersey said, “June is the gateway to summer.” Since June is a spring-summer month, it eases us into summer living.


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