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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

As a retired teacher, a mom and a grandmother, I am a school-calendar follower, and our local school district’s spring break will arrive soon. I love school calendar breaks because my children’s and grandchildren’s schedules are more relaxed. I am happy to see them rest a little more.

Thinking along those lines, I asked friends and family: “Does spring break change your routine? Do you spend more time with family? Does your family travel or enjoy special day trips?” Their responses are listed below:

-Yes! Spring break changes our schedule in all the best ways. We stay up late, sleep late, and spend time together. I always try to get a few things done, but usually we spend most of our time at the cabin with very little time on electronics. We ride 4-wheelers, hike, play cards, and I read while they fish. Can’t wait!

-No, no, and no. Spring break really doesn’t affect us right now.

-No change in activities.

-It doesn’t change my routine. I usually see my grandkids a little more. I’m looking forward to my granddaughter being on spring break from college next week. I’ll get to see her and spend more time with her that week. We used to try to do something special during fall and spring breaks, but it gets harder to do since they’re older. But we do get time together.

-I do not normally go on vacations on spring break; I normally relax and hang out with friends and family.

-I’ve got nothing on this one.

-I cannot sleep in no matter how hard I try. Spring break does change my routine. I still rise early, but I like to get things finished so we can travel. We will be celebrating our honeymoon this year and will celebrate our anniversary for years to come.

-I wish we had a paid spring break. 

-Since I’m a teacher, spring break allows for a much slower pace and a good week of rest right before the push to the end of the school year.

-If we don’t take a trip on spring break, I use the time to get a jump on spring activities. During this year’s spring break, I plan to wash windows, clean the deck, and pick up the sticks in the yard. Getting this work done early means – hopefully – I won’t be trying to catch up in June.

-Yes, my routine is totally changed. We spend the break at the cabin and we sleep when we can and wake up when we want. I’m ALWAYS with Mom or Dad, and since we don’t have cell service there, it’s like a never-ending conversation.

-It depends on if we travel somewhere. If yes, it’s usually a week that is fun-filled family time. If not traveling, it’s pretty much a normal routine for me.

-Since I am a teacher, we normally have a trip planned for spring break. Growing up, we would always go somewhere – mainly to the beach or Disney World! It was always the best family time where we would just enjoy being together with no obligations!

-I had a wonderful treat for spring break. My grandsons came home to catch their flight to Mexico from Indy – I didn’t even know they were here. They texted to see if I could do breakfast or brunch, and we ended up at Bonefish for lunch since they’re big seafood fans. It made my week! I am so grateful that they always remember me when they come home.

-No, I work…. I don’t think I’ve ever taken time off for spring break, even when my kids were in school. If I did, it was more of a long weekend – Thursday thru Sunday or something similar.

Spring break provides a change of pace for many. Robert Orben said, “A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.” I believe school personnel and students deserve some R&R, and I hope it’s a safe and an enjoyable time.



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