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Senator Stephen Meredith's Legislative Update

The 10th legislative week of the 2024 Regular Session has come to a close, and it's been an impactful one for Kentucky. Our resolve to protect property owner rights was resoundingly affirmed as both House and Senate majorities joined forces to override the veto on House Bill (HB) 18, solidifying its place as law.

This week in the Senate has been eventful, with numerous bills on the table, including one I've been honored to sponsor, SB 27. This legislation tackles an issue close to the heart of every Kentuckian: fair access to affordable medications.

SB 27 zeroes in on the 340B program, which is crucial for our healthcare facilities to obtain discounted drugs. However, some drug manufacturers have been unfairly restricting access to these discounted prices based on location. SB 27 ensures fair access to medications, regardless of location. It clarifies when limitations on drug purchases are acceptable, balancing accountability and legitimate reasons for delays. Additionally, it empowers the attorney general to investigate and address violations, ensuring everyone follows the rules.

I am thankful for the support of my colleagues in championing this important issue, and look forward to continued discussions as it moves to the House for consideration.

The following are other bills passed this week:

SB 2 represents the next phase in fortifying Kentucky's school safety initiatives. This bill establishes the Kentucky Guardians Program, allowing retired military veterans and law enforcement officers to bolster student safety alongside school resource officers.

SB 8, which I am proudly co-sponsoring, reforms the Kentucky Board of Education selection process, moving from gubernatorial appointments to voter elections across seven districts. The change promotes board balance, prevents unilateral political appointments, and promotes a more representative approach.

SB 58 simplifies the tax protest process, allowing any registered voter to file without forming a committee or including a Social Security number. Each petition sheet can now include names from multiple voting precincts.

SB 110 supports mothers and babies by allowing child support actions from conception. Stipulates within the first year may be retroactive nine months after birth.

SB 111 requires therapy coverage for stuttering in Medicaid and private health plans, prohibits limits, and allows telehealth services.

SB 142 grants Kentucky state employees up to four weeks of paid leave for childbirth or adoption, enhancing family support.

SB 147 establishes state-wide standards for adult-oriented businesses, ensures child safety, and prohibits explicit performances on government properties.

 SB 153 exempts individuals 70 or older from jury service and simplifies the qualification process.

SB 164 streamlines professional licensing, recognizes equivalencies for trade jobs and increases workforce participation.

SB 167 mandates cursive writing in elementary schools from 2025-26, aiming to enhance communication and motor skills.

SB 194 enables insurers to communicate electronically with individuals covered under employer-sponsored group health insurance. Employers can consent to electronic delivery, but individuals must have the option to opt-out annually. The provisions apply to contracts entered or renewed on or after the Act's effective date.

SB 202 enhances rehabilitation, allowing violence reduction program participation as parole or probation conditions.

SB 215 prevents the enforcement of California-like air emissions standards for electric vehicles in Kentucky.

SB 240 removes barriers for foster families in Kentucky by allowing them to qualify for child care benefits while working remotely. This addresses the current requirement that they work outside the home for at least 20 hours a week.

SB 244 changes ballot order determination to a draw, ensuring fairness for all candidates.

 SB 249 requires sex offenders to display full names on social media, establishing penalties for non-compliance.

SB 255 modernizes social worker services with telehealth standards, ensuring client privacy and communication.

SB 265 modifies the Option 7 alternative teacher certification, removing GRE or CASE requirements and granting provisional certification.

It is a privilege to represent you in Frankfort. Please feel free to share your thoughts and stay connected throughout the session by reaching out to my office at (502)-564-8100 or via email at [email protected]. Additionally, you can stay informed and follow legislative activities through live broadcasts on and by visiting


Senator Stephen Meredith, R-Leitchfield, proudly displays his 2024 Legislative Champion award from the American Advocates for Health in recognition of his dedication to enhancing healthcare policies in Kentucky. Photo credit: David Hargis, Public Information Office, Legislative Research Commission, February 28, 2024.


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