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STRANGE TALES - A Halloween Special: "Mama"

Throughout the years I have had my daughters call out to me or my husband during the night needing comfort, and several times they ended up in bed with us.  What if the child you heard calling out to you wasn’t really there?  Imagine being able to hear them call to you and feel the weight of their little body crawling into your bed, just to realize that you are the only one there?  Considering that Morgantown is


Rochester VFD Fish Fry

Saturday evening, the Rochester Fire Department hosted a fish fry at the Rochester Fire Department building.  Fish, hot dogs and hamburgers were served.  Proceeds benefitted the Rochester Fire Department. 


Reinforcing Healthy Habits

Morgantown, KY – The Wash Your Hands campaign, launches in-conjunction with Global Handwashing Day on October 15, to reinforce healthy habits within the community.  The annual campaign is sponsored by Butler County Water System, Warren County Water District, Simpson County Water District and the Barren River District Health Department.  This community wide Wash Your Hands campaign brings attention to proper handwashing in an effort to keep our community healthy. 


Growing Better Together with Grandparents

Growing Better Together with Grandparents was held on Saturday, September 10, 2022, in partnership with The Community Safety Day.  The event was held at The Butler County Senior Citizens Center. We built two mini-lending library boxes and planted flowers together.  


KY Beef Bash Beef Field Day in Princeton, KY on Oct. 20th

Submitted By: Greg Drake II, County Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources

Still recovering from the December 2021 tornadoes, Beef Bash 2022 will take place at the University of Kentucky Research and Education Center in Princeton on October 20th.


Butler County 4-H Performing Arts Club

The Butler County 4-H program is forming a performing arts club for Butler County teenagers.  The performing arts club will give creative teenagers a group to learn about, play music with, and build their leadership skills through the performing arts.  The club will also provide opportunities for teenagers that do not want to perform to learn about the technical side of performing arts.  Things like sound and lighting are an important part of the program.  The club will meet twice a month for organized club meetings and practice sessions.  There will be local performances and tours to learn


National 4-H Week celebrates Opportunity4 All

National 4-H Week is Oct. 2-8. This year’s theme is Opportunity4All, shining a light on access and equity for all youth. Young people have power, and 4-H believes that every young person has valuable strengths and real influence to improve our world.  For more than 100 years, Kentucky 4-H has helped youth find and fine-tune their passions through fun projects and activities and develop life skills that help them become productive adults and local leaders. Many of our alumni credit 4-H with assisting them to succeed as adults.


Fifth District VFD Corn Hole Tournament

The Fifth District Volunteer Fire Department held a Corn Hole Tournament on Saturday at the old Fifth District School. The event raised over $1,000 for the Fire Department.


Rochester Car Show

Saturday, September 24 was the Rochester Car Show benefitting the Rochester Ladies Society.  There were at least 80 cars and trucks in the show.  It turned out to be a very nice day for the outdoor event. 


Old Extension Office Building for Sale - Open House September 30th from 11am – 2pm

        The Butler County Extension District Board is accepting sealed bids for its building at 112 E. G.L. Smith Street until October 11, 2022.  An open house is being held on September 30th from 11a.m. – 2 p.m.



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