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Thank You!!!

Dear Butler County Community,

On behalf of the BCHS Boys' Basketball players, coaches, and player families, we want to say a very special THANK YOU for the tremendous support you offered to us during basketball season and, most recently, during the Regional Tournament and our trip to the Sweet 16!

To our school leaders and administrators, Thank You! You all went out of your way to navigate the systems of KHSAA and work to ensure no one was left out of this experience.

To the BCHS Cheerleaders and pep Band, Thank You for cheering us on and leading the way in school spirit! We saw you! We heard you! You are very appreciated at all the games, not just at tournament time.

To the BCHS Student section: We knew you were, and we're so glad they recognized you as the BEST student section! We heard you! It always motivates teams when they know their peers are along for the ride.

To our local community members and business leaders who fed us throughout February and March with a host of breakfasts, pregame meals, snacks for our road trip, and a variety of meals while in Lexington,thank you it takes a lot to fuel up our athletes and their coaches!

To our community and businesses, we are so THANKFUL for all the donations and support you all provided, not just to us as a team but also to our fans. As a team, knowing we have our entire community's support helped us be better players. We want to make sure you know that we appreciate all of the donations/support which included:

       Financial support so that student ticket costs to the state tournament were minimal.

       Financial support for transportation opportunities to help community members make the trip to support our team.

      Spirit towels for our fans to wave high and proudly at the state tournament and pom-poms for both tournaments.

      T-shirts, a wide variety of championship and Sweet 16 attire.

      Businesses that either closed or changed their operation hours so Butler Countians could attend or listen to the game.

The outpouring of Butler County pride was shown in so many ways, and just seeing the streets lined during the return home from the Regional Tournament win, the parade through the schools, and even community members the day before we left for Rupp with their pom poms and signs, the windows of businesses and cars painted up to show their pride and support, impacted all of us as players, coaches, and families as to the remarkable community in which we are a part.

THANK YOU, Butler County, so very much!

We are sincerely thankful for EVERYTHING that has been done for us.

We are blessed to be a small part of BCHS history!

BCHS Boys Basketball 3rd Region Champion 2024

First BC Team to participate in the State Sweet 16 Tournament

PS: A special note to our coaches and families - thank you for believing in us and supporting us in all the many ways you have!




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