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Poll Archive

What percent of your Christmas shopping will be local?

Regarding time changes, which plan would you prefer?

Are you planning to travel out of state during Fall Break?

Absolutely! Need a break.
28% (43 votes)
No way...staying home.
47% (72 votes)
Not out of state but may do something in KY.
16% (24 votes)
Not sure yet.
9% (13 votes)
Total votes: 152

Regarding the wearing of face masks and other Covid mitigation strategies, where do you think these decisions should be made?

National level by government leaders and/or federal agencies (i.e. CDC)
16% (35 votes)
State level by government leaders or state agencies (i.e. KY Dept. of Ed)
11% (24 votes)
Local level by government leaders or local agencies (i.e. city/county government, school boards)
13% (28 votes)
None of the above. These decisions should be made by individuals and families.
55% (121 votes)
5% (11 votes)
Total votes: 219

Which do you prefer - a shower or bath?

Shower for sure.
77% (129 votes)
Bath most definitely.
8% (13 votes)
Depends on the situation.
15% (25 votes)
1% (1 vote)
Total votes: 168