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Hidden in plain sight

Leo Hernandez

Handcrafted signs an effective witnessing tool for man who was overlooked as he worked in churches...


Butler County Chapter NSDAR Community 2020 Literacy Challenge

 The Butler County Chapter NSDAR once again received awards from the KSDAR Library committee for the group’s literacy efforts. Chapter members were recognized for completing books from the approved list, with some members completing the entire list of books.


2020 Kentucky 4-H Project Showcase

COVID -19 has affected much 4-H programming this year, for not only our office, but for our 4-H families and their 4-H projects!


Free Dairy Products Available for BC Families

All Butler County Families will be able to receive a box of free dairy products on August 13


Breaking Down New Nutritional Recommendations for Infants and Toddlers

An increasing amount of research indicates it is important for children to have healthy eating behaviors from the start. Healthy dietary patterns in infancy and toddlerhood support growth and development and lay the foundation of behaviors that can continue into adulthood and lead to a lifetime of good health and lower rates of chronic diseases. To help children get off to a healthy start, the U.S.


2020-21 North Butler Elementary School Supply List

North Butler Elementary has released their supply lists.


Nap Mat (thin red/blue vinyl only)

Change of clothes


Box of tissues

Dry erase markers

Gallon/Quart Ziploc bags

Baby wipes


Change of clothes (in a ziplock bag, marked with your

child’s name) (t-shirt, leggings, pull up athletic pants,

undergarments, socks)

Standard size backpack

One package of #2 pencils (sharpened)


A nutrient management plan helps protect the environment and run efficient operations

As producers, it is important for us to not only produce the best possible product but to be good environmental stewards. Nutrient management plans help us do that.


Extension News: Protecting your cucurbits

They may not bear a family resemblance, but cucumbers and pumpkins are closely related. They are cucurbits, a family that includes other popular garden plants such as zucchini, summer squash, winter squash, cantaloupe and watermelons. They all tend to take up a lot of room in the garden, so if you’re going to dedicate that much space you’ll want to reap as much fruit as you can.


FEATURE: Mandolin make its way from Canada to NC & into the hands of a young man with ties to Butler Co.

Elijah with his Classic Model, Apitius Mandolin.

The following story was originally posted as a blog by


Conley Moore Miss SOKY Fair

Conley Moore, a senior at Butler County High School, is the new Miss SOKY Fair. Conley is the daughter Greg and Chasity Moore of Morgantown. No stranger to pageants, Conley also holds other titles such as 2020 Calendar Girl and Miss GRCF.



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