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Who should presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney choose for a running mate?

What is your view of Facebook and how people use it?

Positive. It's a great social media tool that allows people to interact in productive ways.
8% (13 votes)
Negative. It provides a public forum for people to gripe and complain about other people and is a platform for gossip.
20% (33 votes)
Both good and bad; depends on what you put on there.
73% (122 votes)
Total votes: 168

Do you think Butler County government should invest in developing a county park in an effort to promote tourism?

Yes. A county park would ease overcrowding and scheduling at the city park and would help the community.
41% (73 votes)
No. It would be a waste of money. The county should just help the city with its park.
59% (104 votes)
Total votes: 177

What is your view of Morgantown City Council's proposed 15% pay cut for new council members?

If you are a coffee drinker, what is your favorite kind?

Starbucks all the way!
15% (23 votes)
I'm a Folgers fan!
37% (58 votes)
Maxwell House - it's good to the last drop!
24% (38 votes)
Hard to beat McDonald's
9% (14 votes)
Doesn't matter - I'll drink any kind.
15% (24 votes)
Total votes: 157

Do you think students should be required to wear school uniforms?

No, bad idea; it takes away freedom from students and parents.
47% (90 votes)
Yes, good idea; better for parents, students, and the school environment.
53% (100 votes)
Total votes: 190

Board positions for county government are unpaid - should city government switch to unpaid positions to save tax money?

No. City boards do more than county boards and should be paid.
3% (4 votes)
Yes. If county government can function without paid positions then so should the city.
85% (127 votes)
All board positions - city and county - should be paid.
13% (19 votes)
Total votes: 150

George Zimmerman has been charged with 2nd degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Do you agree with this charge?

No; the facts suggest that he may have been acting in self-defense.
20% (42 votes)
Yes; the facts suggest that murder is the appropriate charge.
34% (72 votes)
Undecided; the facts just aren't clear at this point.
46% (99 votes)
Total votes: 213

A community-wide/school emergency managment drill is planned for Thursday. Do you think it is a necessary drill?

No, this is a waste of time and resouces and is unnecessary.
13% (16 votes)
Yes, this definitely needs to be practiced in case of a real event.
87% (107 votes)
Total votes: 123

Did you attend an Easter Service on Sunday?

No, didn't make it.
40% (41 votes)
Yes, wouldn't have missed it.
60% (61 votes)
Total votes: 102