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Poll Archive

What do you think is the most important subject area in school?

44% (56 votes)
6% (7 votes)
34% (43 votes)
3% (4 votes)
13% (16 votes)
Total votes: 126

Do you support the city/county decision to buy 21.3 acres of industrial property off Rochester Road for $500,000?

Yes, I do think this purchase is a good use of tax money at this time.
29% (37 votes)
No, I don't think that is a good use of tax money at this time.
71% (91 votes)
Total votes: 128

When do you think the Morgantown Christmas Parade should be held?

Always at night.
10% (8 votes)
Always during the day.
75% (60 votes)
Alternate each year between a day and night parade.
15% (12 votes)
Total votes: 80

Should BTN continue its current Facebook promo (daily fans, $50 monthly winner) or come up with something new?

BTN should come up with a different promo after the first of the year.
40% (23 votes)
The current BTN/Facebook promo is a good one, keep it going!
60% (34 votes)
Total votes: 57

Should horses be slaughtered for human consumption?

Yes; horses are no different from other animals that we slaughter and eat.
32% (28 votes)
No way; horses are different than other animals that are slaughtered for their meat.
68% (60 votes)
Total votes: 88

Which Christmas greeting do you use?

Do you plan on attending tomorrow's Christmas Parade in Morgantown?

Yes, wouldn't miss it for anything.
71% (84 votes)
No, don't like parades and it's too crowded.
29% (34 votes)
Total votes: 118

The Boys & Girls Club Radio Auction fundraiser is set for this Saturday- will you be listening on Beech Tree Radio 1570 AM WLBQ?

No, probably won't tune in at all.
42% (25 votes)
Yes, I will be listening off and on much of the day.
34% (20 votes)
Maybe a little.
24% (14 votes)
Total votes: 59