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Some companies are requiring job applicants to provide access to their social media sites like Facebook & Twitter -do you agree?

No. What individuals do on their private time away from work is their business.
74% (97 votes)
Yes. What individuals post on social media may negatively impact/reflect on the company for which they work.
26% (34 votes)
Total votes: 131

Do you think UK will win the SEC Tournament?

No, I think there will be an upset and UK will lose in the tournament.
27% (48 votes)
Yes, they're playing great ball and are clearly the best team in the league.
73% (133 votes)
Total votes: 181

Are you following the long-held Christian tradition of giving up something (a vice or something you enjoy) for Lent?

No, that is a Christian tradition that I do not follow.
78% (91 votes)
Yes, it's a good way to prepare spiritually for the Easter season.
22% (25 votes)
Total votes: 116

Economically speaking, how would you describe Morgantown/Butler County?

A small but growing community that is moving in the right direction.
15% (32 votes)
A dying, dead-end community with little hope of rebounding.
56% (121 votes)
Undecided ... could go either way.
29% (63 votes)
Total votes: 216

Do you agree with the part of the new health care law that requires individuals to purchase insurance - the individual mandate?

Yes. That's the only way for the health care system to work in a way that covers everyone.
25% (46 votes)
No. Government does not have the power to force you to buy any product.
75% (137 votes)
Total votes: 183