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Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

Are you blessed? I believe many of us are truly blessed in one way or another. Ironically, sometimes it seems that those who are blessed have obstacles that others – who are not-so-blessed – don’t experience.


Don Locke: Looking Through Bifocals

Few things equal the pleasure of crawling back between the warm bed covers after having left them minutes before. At my age I get to enjoy this several times each night . . . if you get my drift.

Even more pleasurable is when this happens around day-break, when back in my other life, I was getting up to go to one job or another . . . for some 40 years or more. Now I just praise the Lord, roll back over and pull up that good warmth and drift back off . . . thinking about that first good cup of coffee I'll have later - much later.

Senator Wilson’s Frankfort Report

State Senator Mike Wilson (R-Bowling Green)

FRANKFORT – This was a very busy week in Frankfort with many visitors and lots of discussion on pending issues from both Chambers of the General Assembly.


Cheryl Hughes: My Career As a Woman

Forget-Me-Not: I spent last week in Alabama with my sister-in-law, Charlotte.  She had knee-replacement surgery and needed help for a few days.  After watching the hours of agonizing pain that particular surgery puts a body through, I’ve decided that I will have to be reduced to crawling around on the floor before I let any doctor inflict that kind of pain on me.


Tiffany Hampton: Life in Logansport

Every woman knows how frustrating hormones can be! I would say that it's fair to also say that every man knows this as well. The routine of hormones may go something like this. We are happy, then we are mad, then we are sad because we got mad . . . sound familiar?

Cherry picking and charter schools

Charter school: An autonomous public school free of many of the regulations that hinder traditional public schools from offering a superior education.

National School Choice Week is Jan. 22-28.

There’s little to celebrate in Kentucky – one of only nine states without a charter-school law.

Debby Burden - Lanham: A View From My Lens...

Any days a good day when I can take my camera and hit the road for no other reason but to just full fill my passion for a country drive. When I come across beautiful places like this, that just makes it even a better day!
I hope everyone has a blessed weekend, sounds like it may be a snowy one. Stay safe, be kind to one another and always remember to take time to stop and smell the roses along life's journey.



Against the (Soul Train) Grain

Don Cornelius was born September 27, 1936.  He started in the insurance business before going into broadcasting in 1966.  He worked as a substitute disc jockey on t.v.’s Black View of the News before pitching the idea of what would become Soul Train.  Inspired by American Bandstand, Soul Train spent 30 years on-air.

Soul Train premiered August 17, 1970.  It aired Saturday mornings, attracting a lot of children and teenagers off from school.  Early supporter businessman George Johnson helped make Soul Train big.  It was syndicated in 1971.

Patty Craig: A Slice of Time

Recently, a friend and I were discussing how being grandparents differs from being parents. We agreed that since we aren’t responsible for discipline or the daily care of our grandchildren, our grandparenting time is usually pretty easy.

Don Locke: Looking Through Bifocals

Help, I'm caught in a state of mind . . . I don't know whether to fish-cutbait-or call hogs. I was under the impression we were living in the age of ultra-sophistocated communications, the likes of which the world has never known.


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