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Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Recently, I came across online Christmas trivia quizzes – some questions easy, some not. Several sites even have free printable trivia quizzes.

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Monday, December 10th, 2018

I wish I hadn’t been so stressed out all the time when my kids were young.  Everything seemed so crucial at the time, and a lot of things really weren’t.  I realize I have the vantage point of hindsight, understanding I didn’t have when I was in the thick of things.  I think often of my stepmom a

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Sunday, December 9th, 2018

 After Philip caught up to the Ethiopian eunuch, he taught him about Jesus (Acts 8:35).

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Saturday, December 8th, 2018
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Friday, December 7th, 2018

It’s called a Go-Hey!  This is an apparatus with a bunch of fingers mounted and attached to a handle.

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Thursday, December 6th, 2018

First thing, I need to do a little housekeeping.  Last week, I did another installment of 50 Fast Facts but omitted the website from which the information is gathered.

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Wednesday, December 5th, 2018


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Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

         LOCAL:  2018 was a big election year in Butler County and much emphasis was

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Monday, December 3rd, 2018

On Saturday afternoon, I was on the front porch hanging Christmas lights when Garey came outside to vent.  

“I can’t even watch it anymore!” he said. (The “it” referred to the Alabama-Georgia SEC playoff game.  Alabama was down by two touchdowns.  Garey was not happy.)

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