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Tiffany Hampton: Life in Logansport

Over the weekend I made a grocery trip.  The difference on this trip was that my husband went with me. Usually it's me and Tucker, but this time both the kids stayed with their aunt. So, it was just me and the hubby. No list was prepared, which meant over spending was very probable! 

Does any other wife have this same irony?  It never fails that when my husband accompanies me at the grocery, the bill is always higher. Why in the world is this? . . . In my case it's because he loves to buy all the kinds of food that I want, but that I don't buy. Such as cookies, cakes, ice cream, etc . . . you get the point. Don't get me wrong I love "snacks," but I just try really hard to not buy them to much. 

It would definitely be interesting to see what kind of food would end up in our kitchen if he done the grocery shopping for a month. Of course our sons would probably love that idea! I don't deprive my family of "junkfood," but I do try to limit the consumption of it. There's nothing wrong with buying it, or eating it. I think there does need to be a healthy balance of it though.

All in all I love having my husband tag along on the grocery trip. He's great company and even greater at helping to carry them in the house. If going over budget a bit, and adding to our snack food habit a bit is all I have to lose, then I will take it any day. With 2 children already, and another one on the way, quality time is much appreciated. Even if it means a trip to WalMart, spending an extra $20, and some Oreo's!

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