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Tiffany Hampton: Life in Logansport

Every woman knows how frustrating hormones can be! I would say that it's fair to also say that every man knows this as well. The routine of hormones may go something like this. We are happy, then we are mad, then we are sad because we got mad . . . sound familiar?

As I said already, no doubt that hormones can be so aggrivating to women. But seriously, can you imagine how annoying it is for the men. If my husband gave me the statement, "It's just my hormones", I would be thinking . . . yeah right! It probably does sound like just an excuse. I'm sure there have been times that we may toss that comment around, just to spare someone the reality of what's really bothering us.

Sometimes I think if I had to put up with myself, then I would tell myself to get a grip. And sometimes at the peak of those "hormonal meltdowns," I realize that I'm even getting on my own nerves. Yet, in those moments everything I'm fussing about or crying about all makes perfect sense. Once the "meltdown" has passed, I realize how ridiculous it may have seemed.

I'm writing this in hopes that I'm not the only woman that can testify these same silly encounters. Just as I feel that God gives women a motherly instinct, He must also give men the special ability to survive these "meltdowns" that occur with their wives and daughters. Hope I've made you smile!

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