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Poll Archive

How would you describe President Trump's Inauguration speech?

Do you think charter schools would be good for Kentucky?

Yes, charter schools would give parents another public school option on where to send their children to school.
40% (63 votes)
No, charter schools would just take money away from other public schools.
40% (63 votes)
19% (30 votes)
Total votes: 156

The KY General Assembly just made KY a right-to-work state and repealed the prevailing wage law...agree or disagree?

I agree. Both new laws will help improve the overall economy and create jobs.
34% (55 votes)
I disagree. Both new laws are an attack on labor, will hurt the economny and wages.
48% (78 votes)
Undecided. There are good arguments on both sides of this issue.
18% (30 votes)
Total votes: 163

Did you make any New Years' resolutions?

Yes, I do every year.
16% (20 votes)
No, never do.
84% (107 votes)
Total votes: 127

Economically speaking, do you feel like Morgantown/Butler County moved forward, took a step back, or stayed the same in 2016?

I think Morgantown/Butler County moved forward economically in 2016.
30% (62 votes)
I think Morgantown/Butler County took a step back economically in 2016.
18% (36 votes)
I think things stayed about the same economically in 2016.
52% (107 votes)
Total votes: 205