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Winning Buddy Poppy Essays

Rylee Hobbs, Beth Ann Rose, and Emily Tyree

Enjoy the winning Buddy Poppy essays selected by the VFW Ladies Auxillary.

What the Buddy Poppy Means to Me
by Matthew Gill

I think the Buddy Poppy Program is a great thing to do.  First it helps the Veterans. My Papaw is a Veteran.  He would be thankful for what it does.  Second of all, we should always donate $1.00 because it would help the VFW, the wounded soldiers, and the workers that make the flowers.  Last, the VFW should make at least 500 flowers a day, and spread them to different countries.  This would make the world more beautiful.  So now you know why you should not only help your country with the Buddy Poppy, you should celebrate the things that the Veterans have fought for our country.

Matthew Gill

What the Buddy Poppy Means to Me
by Emily Tyree

What the Buddy Poppy means to me is that it reminds me of my Papaw Pendleton Joseph.  Since poppies stand for Veterans, that’s why it reminds me of my Papaw because he is a Veteran and he is not with me anymore.  He died at the beginning when I was in 3rd grade.  He was in World War II.  He battled in France, Germany, Austria, and Hungary.  My Papaw was very special and someone who you love is hard to let go and that’s what the poppy means to me.

What the Buddy Poppy Means to Me
by Rylee Hobbs

What the Buddy Poppy means to me is that it stands for Veterans and I think it is very nice that they are raising money for the Veterans.  They are beautiful and have a really great meaning.  It means that we should be really proud and faithful to wear it.  Here’s a poem:  

The Buddy Poppy
All over the school
They look really cool
Raising money for Veterans
We show our appreciation
For what they did for our nation.
People should show their appreciation
By putting at least one dime in the jar
Because our troops travel so far
Our whole nation should stand

What the Buddy Poppy Means to Me
by Beth Ann Rose

A good citizen helps others.  John McCrae helped the soldiers in WWI, but some died and he was sad.  When I see the poppy it helps me remember all the soldiers who died so I can be free.  Poppies also help me remember to be a good citizen.



Great job Matthew! You did an awesome job reading your winning essay at the Veterans Day Program!
Congratulations to all the Buddy Poppy participants. The students were very attentive and interested. Thank you again.

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