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Williams and McConnell Visit Butler County

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell and Republican candidate for governor State Senator David Williams came to Morgantown on Thursday. The pair spoke at the Eva J. Hawes Agricultural Exposition and Community Building at Charles T. Black Park.  McConnell encouraged voters to get out and support Williams.

” McConnell said despite Williams trailing in the polls Kentuckians are just starting to pay attention to the race. McConnell also pointed out that he came back from an even bigger deficit to become a senator.

McConnell stressed the need to make Obama a one term president and Williams the next Kentucky Governor.

Morgantown Mayor Linda Keown welcomed McConnell and Williams to Morgantown.  Also in attendance were State Representative C.B. Embry Jr., State Senator Mike Wilson, former State Representative Woody Allen, and several elected officials and residents of Butler County.

Senator McConnell and Shane Wells

Williams joking recalled his visit to Butler County in 1971 when he was playing football for Cumberland County.  “I was nearly killed by Roger Bratcher in that football game,” said Williams.

Williams reviewed his Jobs/Economy Plan for Kentucky.

  • Tax Reform That Works- eliminate personal and corporate income taxes and revamp the tax structure to a consumption model instead of income tax.
  • Jumpstart the Economy Now- local tax offsets, business energy tax suspension, building tax suspension, expensing of business assets, tax-free hay and feed, eliminate state portion of Kentucky car tax, and suspend barrel tax on Kentucky bourbon industry
  • More Jobs Less Government- moratorium on new administrative regulations, new sunset provision, and no more stringent than provision
  • Lead the Fight Against Obamacare
  • Legal & Labor Reforms- right to work local option, prevailing wage local option, and medical malpractice reform
  • Protect KY Coal from EPA Attacks
  • Embrace Nuclear Power
  • Depoliticize Economic Development
  • Promote Kentucky Agriculture and protect Farm Families
  • Jobs Program for People on Unemployment
  • Reform Kentucky’s Pension and Unemployment Insurance Systems

David Williams and former State Representative Woody Allen

Morgantown resident James Dossey asked why Steve Beshear would not debate Williams. According to Williams Beshear will not debate because he cannot backup  the false accusations he has made or prove several of his claims of job growth in Kentucky.

Butler County Republican Chairman Jody Forgy thanked Williams and McConnell for visiting Butler County and encouraged everyone to vote Tuesday, November 8, 2011 for the Williams Farmer ticket.

For complete information on the Williams Farmer Job/Economy Plan visit

Butler County Court Clerk Shirley E. Givens and Senator Mitch McConnell


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