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Whitfield Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Obamacare

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield, (KY-01), a senior members of the House Subcommittee on Health, released the following statement on today’s Supreme Court ruling on President Obama’s healthcare reform legislation.

“Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that President Obama’s healthcare reform legislation is Constitutional in its approach, it is up to the Congress to repeal it.  I voted against this law, I since voted to repeal it, and I voted to prevent funding for its implementation.  I will vote again to repeal it.

“Make no mistake, our healthcare system needs reform to ensure quality care at the lowest price possible, but this was not accomplished by President Obama’s healthcare law.  In fact, this law will implement the largest tax increase ever in our Nation’s history on all Americans, it will add 26 million people to Medicaid rolls, it cuts more than $500 billion from Medicare, and it will drive up healthcare costs for everyone.

“I believe we should move in a step-by-step manner to lower healthcare costs and regain the trust of the American people.  Therefore, I have crafted ten proposals that I continue to advocate to help ensure Kentuckians, and all Americans, receive the care and treatment they need at a cost they can afford. My Ten Steps to a Healthier America will make meaningful reforms to our healthcare system that will ensure access while also bringing down costs for all Americans seeking medical services.”

“My Ten Steps to a Healthier America include:
· Make Insurance Affordable for All Americans by providing refundable tax credits to individuals and families to purchase insurance.

· Ensure No American Gets Left Behind by creating a premium assistance program to aid low-income individuals with their insurance costs.

· Make it Easier and More Affordable for Small Businesses to Provide Insurance by allowing small businesses to band together and negotiate with insurers to get better deals for coverage.  Allow churches, alumni associations and other organizations to sponsor groups to purchase insurance across state lines, which will increase the size of the insurance pool and lower costs.

· Empower Patients to Take Ownership of their Healthcare by Increasing Transparency.  Require insurance companies and the government to disclose the prices they charge or reimburse for services.

· Ensure Patient Access to Care and Control Costs by Reforming Our Malpractice Laws.

· Encourage Healthy Behavior and Promote Preventative Care by encouraging employers to provide healthy behavior incentives to their workers.

· Reform COBRA by allowing individuals to immediately transition into the individual market without having to exhaust COBRA benefits.

· Encourage Individuals to Invest in Their Own Healthcare by encouraging the use of health savings accounts (HSA's) and offering lower premiums and reduced cost sharing for individuals who practice healthy behaviors.

· Promote Community Health Centers.

· Ensure Physicians are Paid Fairly.

“It is imperative that Congress address healthcare reform. That said, we need to do it in an open, responsible and affordable way.” 



Thanks for your support representative Whitfield. I totally agree that the health care system needs some reforming but this "Obamacare" is not the way to do it.
I just read 10 jokes but didn't laugh. These already exist in one form or another and/or are a tax increase. Quit being a sore loser and accept the law of the land. Spend your time creating jobs.
The Republicans have never passed a health care reform bill. Insurance premiums and deductibles have gone up while benefits have gone down. While all of the other industrialized nations have Universal Healthcare the United States has been left behind. The United States is ranked 37 by W.H.O. in health care. What is the bill number that you have introduced that those 10 points are included in and when was it introduced?

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