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Whitfield Honors Veterans

“I am proud to join my fellow Kentuckians and all Americans today as we honor our veterans who bravely served our country and say, “thank you.”
“The veterans of our armed forces answered a call to something greater than themselves through their selfless service and sacrifice.  Our veterans stepped forward for their communities and their nation to ensure that the promise of freedom the United States inspires stands strong. America’s example to the world of a free society that determines its own destiny remains unbroken thanks to our veterans who have defended our freedom and our way of life.
“Some 24.5 million Americans have served their country in the Armed Forces. I am proud to represent veterans in Kentucky’s First Congressional District, including those from Fort Campbell.  Serving one’s country is the highest example of selfless sacrifice and this Veterans Day, I call upon all Kentuckians to remember, give thanks, and honor the service of our veterans.  



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