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WarrenRECC Scam Alert

WarrenRECC has received reports that some residents and businesses have been contacted by individuals representing themselves as employees of WarrenRECC and attempting to obtain credit card information.  The caller tells the member he or she has an overdue bill, which can be paid for over-the-phone with a credit card.  WarrenRECC employees do not accept credit card information over-the-phone.  These calls are being reported as coming from different areas within the cooperative's 8-county service territory.
If you receive such a call, do not give out any personal or financial information, and report it to your local law enforcement agency or any WarrenRECC office.



Please explain, What Law Enforcement will do. Had a similar situation and Local and State said their was nothing they could do. They were given a name, phone number, address, and the account number to the bank that was being used by the scammers. End result, NO ACTION. So what makes this different.
Yeah, because WRECC scams people enough on their own. I'm sitting without electric right now because for some reason my bill doubled overnight, and I couldn't get an explanation from them (at least one that made any logistical and mathematical sense, anyway). So, yeah, don't let someone else aside from the company themselves scam you, consumers!

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