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"Wanna The Riveter" Named 2014 BCNSDAR Woman In History

Wanna Evans, seated, surrounded by family after being awarded “Woman in History”

“There’s a part of Wanna’s work history that’s very relevant for today,” said former teacher Georgia Romans as she recently introduced a slide presentation on the life of Arrah Wanna Pendley Evans at the library. Evans is the 2014  recipent of the “Woman In History,” selected by the Butler County Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution  

Born November 12, 1918, Wanna was one of eight children born to Pearl Claude “PC” and Lura Annie Pendley. According to her daughter Linda Deweese, Wanna was named by her cousins, borrowing the name from a popular Irish-Indian intermezzo, “Arrah Wanna.”

From the presentation:

Wanna and her husband Royce “Chick” Evans helped with the World War Two effort by working at a defense plant in Indiana. Wanna worked at Briggs on the Corsair Navy planes. She was a riveter--hence the title for the night’s presentation, “Wanna the Riveter”

 Cover sheet to the song “Arrah Wanna”

Many, many more of her life’s accomplishments were listed and described. At the end, Wanna remarked, “Thank you for being here tonight and as I have stated, I’m no front row person so if I’m acting bashful, that’s me.” Also in attendance were her large family including her three children, Hugh, Linda and RC.

To hear the song “Arrah Wanna” visit Youtube at:

Story and photos by Roger Southerland, Beech Tree News




Roger Southerland, thank you so much for making the video and this article. You and your family are "special people" to the Evans family. Thanks also to Butler County Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution for choosing my mother for this special award. She felt very honored and humbled to receive such recognition.

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