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U.S. Postal Service to Open Village Post Office At Aberdeen Grocery

The Kentuckiana District of the U.S. Postal Service will welcome its newest Village Post Office (VPO) on Monday, August 18, 2014 in Aberdeen.
The latest VPO is located at Aberdeen Grocery, 40 Caneyville Road, Aberdeen, KY 42261, where a ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at 2:00 p.m.
The Aberdeen VPO is another opportunity to make our services and products more readily available to customers with convenient hours. VPOs are operated by local businesses and provide a specific range of services and products such as First-Class postage stamps and Priority Mail products. VPOs also accept mail.

Lisa and Tim Flener
The Postal Service unveiled the VPO concept in Summer 2011 for consideration in communities where there is no existing Post Office or where the Post Office will have reduced hours. VPOs were established in response to the changing mailing needs of the American consumer as more and more customers demand easier, more convenient access to postal products and services where conducting business in their communities. VPOs are designed for non-Postal Service establishments and are a throwback to Post Offices of old where local shops housed them and patrons would do one-stop shopping and postal services under the same roof. VPOs in the Kentuckiana District are located in a variety of locations including grocery, hardware and convenient stores, gas stations, a trophy engraving shop, and a bait and tackle store.
The Postal Service acknowledges the contributions of store owners Tim and Lisa Flener who helped to make the Aberdeen VPO possible.

"We are excited for this opporunity to serve the public.  We will sell stamps, money orders, and accept mail," said Lisa Flener.
Business establishments interested in applying for a contract with the Postal Service to start a Village Post Office in their local community should contact: [email protected]. More information about the Village Post Office initiative is available on at The Postal Service does not receive tax dollars for operating expenses; it relies entirely on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.



Congratulations on getting this going in the Aberdeen community. Thanks for providing yet another service in your business.
Congratulations on getting this going in the Aberdeen community. Thanks for providing yet another service in your business.

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