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UPDATE: Possible gas leak at Jumpin' Jacks actually chicken blood!

UPDATE:  Although a host of Butler County emergency personnel responded to Jumpin' Jacks earlier tonight regarding a possible gas leak, the smell was eventually traced to a tractor-trailer parked behind the store that was hauling chicken blood.  This determination was made only after the area had be evacuated fearing a gas leak.  The scene has  been cleared and Jumpin' Jacks is now open. 

ORIGINAL:  Emergency personnel, local fire departments, and law enforcement officers responded to Jumpin' Jacks convenient store earlier this evening after reports of a possible gas leak.  One eyewitness at the scene reported a distinct gas odor in the area.  The property and parking lot, located on U.S. 231 south in Morgantown, has been been evacuated.  Second District Fire Department has been put on stand-by.  Morgantown Utilities Superintendent Randall Gaskey is also on the scene. Stay connected to Beech Tree News/WLBQ 1570 AM for the latest on this developing story.


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