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Tyelie is a 16 year old beautiful female and is a sophomore in high school.  She has a sweet and likeable personality.  Tyelie is friendly and outgoing and also has a good sense of humor.  Tyelie is athletic and enjoys playing sports and she has been on the track and volleyball teams and was most recently a cheerleader.  Tyelie enjoys being around other children and taking care of them. Tyelie has a lot of friends and she likes to socialize at sporting events. Tyelie would do best in a home where there is structure and she is aware of what is expected of her.  Tyelie is intelligent and is capable of making good grades and furthering her education.  Tyelie is looking for a family that will love and support her for a lifetime.  Please consider allowing this sweet young lady into you home and into your heart.  Please contact SNAP or AdoptusKids today to learn how you can make a difference for Tyelie.


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