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Two year-old in critical condition after swallowing meth ingredients.

Racheal Arroyo

A two year-old Ohio County girl is in critical condition after swallowing ingredients used to manufacture meth and the mother and her boyfriend have been arrested.

Early on Saturday morning, the Ohio County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) received information from the Owensboro Regional Health System they were treating a two year-old with severe chemical burns to her lips, mouth, tongue, and esophagus.

According to a press release from the OCSD, Racheal Arroyo, the mother of the child, and her boyfriend, Jared McStoots, brought the child into the hospital stating they did not know what she had ingested.  Around 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning, the child was life-flighted to Kosair Hospital.

The information gathered by the Department of Community Based Services, Kosair Hospital, and the OCSD led detectives’ to obtain search warrants for Arroyo’s apartment and McStoots’ home, both in the Fordsville area.

Jared McStoots

The OCSD and Kentucky State Police executed the search warrants and discovered evidence of meth being manufactured at McStoots resident.  No one was home at either place when the warrants were executed.  The OCSD located Arroyo and McStoots on Sunday morning and both were brought in for questioning.

Detective Timothy Hatfield interviewed both McStoots and Arroyo and has determined the child ingested sulfuric acid drain opener, commonly called Liquid Fire.  McStoots had measured out sulfuric acid and ammonia nitrate to make meth and the two year-old child got the sulfuric acid and swallowed some.  Arroyo and McStoots waited about six hours before finally taking the child to the hospital.

The child remains in critical condition at Kosair Hospital. Detective Hatfield has arrested and charged both Arroyo, 20, and McStoots, 23, with second degree controlled substance endangerment to a child, which is a Class B felony, and first degree wanton endangerment, which is a Class D felony.  The investigation is ongoing and more charges are pending.

Both Arroyo and McStoots are being held in the Ohio County Jail.


Courtesty of Ohio County Mointor,


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