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Tiffany Hampton: Life in Logansport

I see comments on Facebook about living in "this town" or getting away from "this town."  I don't really understand what is so bad about "this town." My conclusion on comments of that nature are that some have made a bed, and now they don't wanna lay in it.  As I have mentioned before, our lives are made up of choices.  Choices that we all make daily.  I feel like too many choices are made without considering the end results.  Of course we know how we want things to turn out, but that doesn't always happen.

I agree that our town has flaws, and so do all of us who reside here.  Small towns, big cities, and quaint communities are all the same in my opinion.  Jobs are scarce in many places right now, not just here.  People are gossiping in big cities just like they do here.  Good and bad takes place all over the world, not just Morgantown, KY.

If people are bothered about everyone gossiping about them, don't give them reason to.  If people think outsiders are taking all the jobs, get up and do something.  If people think there is a drug problem here, be a helper and not a hater.  Local ministries take place in "this town" that are providing them financially or by volunteering.  If people complain about everyone knowing their business, share your problems with God, not Facebook or the phone.

I'm only sharing my personal opinion.  I'm not bashing anyone or trying to cause an uproar.  I just want others to realize that all the negative opinions of "this town" are going to be everywhere.  We as individuals are the cause and effect.  If we live in The Light, and in the image that Christ created us for, the entire world could be impacted. Peace, love, and God Bless. 


Tiffany Hampton grew up in the Huntsville community but she now calls the Logansport community her home. Tiffany is married to Mark Hampton and they have two sons, Tucker and Macauley.  She's been a licensed cosmetologist for 12 years.  Tiffany worked in the salon for nine years, until her son was born in 2008. The following year she put a beauty shop in her home. Now, Tiffany  is a work-at-home-mommy and she loves it! Her life can still be a busy one.  Says Tiffany, "In the midst of it all, if I can put a smile on someones face, learn something daily as well as teach someone daily, then life feels good."



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