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Terrapin Race draws huge crowd: 16 races and a grand finale

The 2022 Green River Catfish Festival Terrapin Race was held on Monday, July 4th with 268 terrapins competing in the annual event.  There were 16 heats, with winners from first to fifth place, with first place in each heat competing in a championship race. Each heat race paid out five places $20 for first place, $15 for second, $10 for third, and $5 each for fourth and fifth place. Championship race winners took home $50 for first place, $40 for second, $30 for third, and $25 each for forth and fifth places. 

The 2022 Terrapin Race was sponsored and organized by Cassia Lodge #272 F&AM with other sponsors including Jones Funeral Chapel and Monument Company, Henderson Land Surveying, Butler County Shrine Club, Drake’s Farm Service, Beech Tree News, WRECC, BBRS and P31.  

R.B. Griffin of Bullseye Taxidermy donated the trophies for the championship heat race and All-Star Trophies donated the labels for each trophy. 

The members of the Cassia Lodge would like to thank the following people, as well as all others, who helped with today's event: Kim Drake, Amy Smith Thomas, Haley Jones, Dionne Merritt, Diane Dyer, Lori Willis, Olivia Jones, Tracy Burden, Kathy Thomas, Lodema Burgess and Taylor Burden and Miss Green River Catfish Cheani Schroder. 

Below is a list of all winners:  


Heat #1: 1st Miles Shoemake, 2nd Carter Nash, 3rd Paisley Phelps, 4th Charly Gary, 5th Lawson Barks


Heat #2: 1st Degan Snodgrass, 2nd Isaac Vincent, 3rd Abbott Givens, 4th Lily Greathouse, 5th Leevi Mason


Heat #3: 1st Emmalynn Southerland, 2nd Caleb Alexander, 3rd Roman Ross, 4th Campbell McKinney, 5thBrody Dockery



Heat #4: 1st Braylon Richard, 2nd Kingston Roberts, 3rd Naomi Burden, 4th Bennett Givens, 5th Bristol Snodgrass


Heat #5: 1st Whitley Dockery, 2nd Jay Statzer, 3rd Bennett Givens, 4th Kaleb Gabbard, 5th Embry Inman


Heat #6: 1st Tessa West, 2nd Preston Richardson, 3rd Sutton Jenkins, 4th Hattie Mae Clark, 5th Damien Johnson



Heat #7: 1st Tessa West, 2nd Marley Phelps, 3rd Gracyn Moore, 4th Hadley O’Driscoll, 5th Zoe Henderson


Heat #8: 1st Owen Henderson, 2nd Gage Lee, 3rd Wyatt Martin, 4th Will Embry, 5th Ari Rife 


Heat #9: 1st Esmae Jones, 2nd Sutton Jenkins, 3rd Rowan Miller, 4th Ryan Jane Belcher, 5th Colton Steele 


Heat #10: 1st Samuel McKinney, 2nd Willow West, 3rd Cooper Henry, 4th Cylas Logsdon, 5th Teddy Miller



Heat #11: 1st Jameson Music, 2nd Annabella Hatcher, 3rd Elliot Joiner, 4th Hudson Hampton, 5th Lyla Hop


Heat #12: 1st Silas Lee, 2nd Mason Hampton, 3rd Kierra Whitney, 4th Millie Ray, 5th Wick Hall


Heat #13: 1st Silas Less, 2nd Wick Hall, 3rd Roy Statzer, 4th Roslynn Cox, 5th Cailyx Jackson


Heat #14: 1st Noah Overstreet, 2nd Matthew Brown, 3rd Ellis Johnson, 4th Emma Cook, 5th Layla Brooks


Heat #15: 1st Ellis Johnson, 2nd Ransom Daugherty, 3rd Cody Hop, 4th Quentin Hurd, 5th Laney Ellis


Heat #16: 1st Ashlynn Justis, 2nd Alex Phelps, 3rd Grant Hughes, 4th Brinkley Dockery, 5th Gavin Alexander 


Championship winners were: 1st Whitley Dockery, 2nd Emmalynn Southerland, 3rd Tessa West, 4th Ashlynn Justis, 5th Jameson Music 


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