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Tea History & Etiquette Presented in KY

Audubon State Park  and “The Castle”, in Henderson, KY on May 5, 2012 was the place to be for a Mother’s Day event. Kentuckian, Award Winning Author, Linda J. Hawkins, presented a tea history with etiquette to those present, drawing from her two books; Catering to Children with Recipes for Memorial Teas and The Unspoken Language of Fans & Flowers with Recipes. These Gift books have garnered her three awards.

Her entourage consisted of two young ladies (Jenna Hawkins age twelve, Heather Gill, twenty) both dressed to match the authors costume. Costumes were designed and tailor-made by Butler Countian, Diane Flener.

The author was asked what she loves about writing and speaking.

“To me the written word is a powerful tool for helping others.  It will live on even when we leave this earth.  In an age dominated by media hype, quick celebrity bios and fluff books driven by popular culture, I am an individual that loves purposeful living. I have therefore dedicated my life to helping families be healthier and happier. Sharing what we write then seeing/hearing positive responses causes us to love what we do.

"God must be first in my life, family next.  I want quality content above all other consideration in my work.  As I quoted in one of my books, ‘If you see a turtle on a fencepost be assured he did not get there by himself.’  That is the way I feel about all my books and work, I must admit, I never accomplished this alone.  First, God inspired me, second my inward drive and desire to do for others propelled me forward, others saw my desired goals and encouraged me.  I have been surrounded by supportive family and friends all along this journey. Kentucky is a great place to be born and raised! ...lovely state…with awesome people!”

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