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Taylor Named to LifeSkills Board

Amanda Taylor was recently appointed to represent Butler County on the Board of Directors of LifeSkills, Inc.
Amanda is stay at home mom and has been a Butler County resident for 28 years.  She is married to Robert Taylor, Owner/Operator of Taylor & Taylor Farms.  She has been involved with Butler County Farm Bureau Board of Directors; Mt Vernon Baptist Church Youth Director and the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship Coordinating Council Member.
When asked one reason she wanted to serve on the board of LifeSkills, Mrs. Taylor stated, “I am looking forward to being a part of an organization that focuses on the needs of the community and works to make a difference in the lives of people who would otherwise be marginalized.”  



We are so thankful for Lifeskills!! Our son is on the Michelle P. Waiver and it has been one of the most beneficial things that we have ever gotten him involved with. He loves his workers and it gives him the opportunity to spend time with other people and get out in the community and do things that he would not otherwise get the chance to do. So many people benefit from the help and assistance they receive from Lifeskills!!!

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