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Supt. Robert Tuck: Growing Our Future Together

As we are preparing for the start of the 2022-2023 school year, I want to extend a warm welcome back to our students, parents, and staff.  The Mission of Butler County Schools centers on Building… Collaborating… and Shaping.  Our primary goal is to provide quality instruction to our students in a safe and welcoming environment.  Our team has prepared facilities, updated and amended policies and procedures, and altered educational and operational practices to make absolutely certain our schools will operate in the safest and most productive environment possible. 

At the end of last year, we finalized the installation of a new security camera system on all our school campuses.  This new system combined each of our schools' video system into one district system that will increase the security on our district campuses.  We are also in the process of other updates, such as a universal key fob system for each school.  This continues to keep us at the forefront of security innovations and practices in the state of Kentucky.  

Our mental health team has worked to incorporate a new social and emotional curriculum for the start of the 2022-2023 school year.  This will provide the necessary supports and needed services to allow us to reach all students where they are and to help them grow not only academically but in their social-emotional development as well.

Through the collaborative efforts of teachers and administrators across our district, Butler County Schools will have a new content series for language arts, science, and social studies.  These curriculum series have been vetted to our State’s Core Content Curriculum and will not only be a valuable resource to our students and staff, they will also help support the district’s mission of vertically and horizontally aligning our curriculum. Most importantly, we will be better able to unlock the talents and gifts of every one of our students by providing the foundation that each of them need in order to realize their full potential and achieve the dreams they have for themselves and for their future.  We must engage students to think critically in order to be successful global citizens.  As we collectively work together for our students, we will be able to build the 21st Century skills our students need. Such skills include problem-solving, self-management, working with people, along with developing and using new technology. As we support our students in building these skills, our hope is that we are also providing help as well as supporting our parents and community in their efforts to shape and expand our students and their understanding of the ever-changing world around them.   

In the classrooms and hallways of Butler County Schools, there are the workers and leaders of the future in all walks of life: business, engineering, education, law, health care, arts and humanities, trade and skilled work, etc…. What we know, and what makes Butler County special, is that we do not need to look to the future to see leadership. We see advocacy, leadership, innovation, and student-led change today - in our schools, in our extra-curricular events, and across our community.  Ultimately, we must keep the needs and supports for our students as our common ground and focus as we continue to evolve as a district.  In the end, we know we cannot do these tremendous things without one another.  

We live in a time now, more than any time before, where thinking innovatively has become a necessity of life.  We will continue to think innovatively and examine all situations holistically.  We have worked together as a community to strengthen relationships and develop a joint problem-solving approach to new opportunities that centers around helping our students become independent, lifelong learners.  We have achieved this through open dialogue, collecting data, and examining that data, along with improving and perfecting our practices and procedures.  We have and will continue to build capacity and clarity in instructional practices during these changing times.  This will include training, sharing data, monitoring our mission, vision, values, and making adjustments when necessary.  We have tried to focus our attention on only those areas that we can control to help maximize efficiency and effectiveness.  This has promoted a transparent mindset of growth and support across our district.  

When I think of the Butler County community, I think of pride, perseverance, a blue-collar work ethic, and an overall toughness and resilience.  That is something that Butler County can be proud of and is part of what makes me so proud to say I am the Superintendent of Butler County Schools.  I am proud to live in Butler County with my family and to watch our community grow and progress toward the future.  As we continue to work together, we will build our community by becoming One Team, with One Vision, that will make us Butler Strong. 



Superintendent Robert Tuck


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