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Superintendent pushing for full-day Kindergarten, Mental and Behavioral Health Therapist now in Butler County schools

The Butler County Board of Education met in regular session on Tuesday, September 10 at the Butler County Education Complex.

The ending cash balance for the month of September, according the treasurer’s report, was $1,865,015.50. Treasurer Eric Elms said that more money is always spent at the beginning of the school year and that the report shows a higher ending balance than this time last year.

Howard reported on the Kentucky Superintendent Summit and shared that there is now a push for early childhood and funding for full day Kindergarten, something that he said he has been trying to push for a while. He spoke on the importance of getting a solid stream of revenue for schooling. Howard said as far as a tax reform goes, it will depend on the upcoming election, and said that regardless, it is time to look at options.

“The main thing is that we’ve got to find a way to generate more revenue,” Howard said. “I’m just not sure how much of an appetite there is for comprehensive tax reform.”

Howard also attended the Green River Education Complex Board Meeting and said that they will soon be searching for a new Executive Director with the position coming open in December. In attending the Advisory Council Meeting for the Family Resource Center, Howard said that the biggest upcoming issue for them will be the Toys for Tots program around Christmas time and spoke on the importance of this program for children.

Ryan Humphrey was recently named the new Assistant Principal of the Butler County High School.

A new Mental and Behavioral Health Therapist position is now provided at the schools. The position will be filled by Dana Cook. Cook will begin on Sept. 16 with plans to build the new program from the ground up. Cook has already been provided with a list of students generated by the school principals with students that the schools believe will benefit from the program.

Howard said Butler County is among one of the first districts to have a mental and behavioral health position at the schools.

“We are excited about this position and hope it is something the board will continue with,” Howard said.  

There will be a push in the General Assembly for superintendents to have more hiring power in selection of principals. The bill is in its first phases, however, Howard wants people to be aware that this will be coming soon. Superintendents will accept the applications and provide their recommendations to the board for hiring decisions to be made.

Metal detectors will be arriving at the schools in the coming week and will be available for use soon after.

A presentation was given by a group of gifted and talented students reporting on their field trip to Memphis Tennessee. After learning about multiple events and locations throughout history, Butler County student Bailey Womack initiated the idea to take a trip to see about some the things they were learning about. Business and Dual Credit teacher Thomas Miller was asked to help the students practice their presentation prior to the board meeting.

“It is important for students to develop public speaking skills early on and is something that they can take with them later in life,” Miller said.

As the students and faculty first had to receive permission from the school board, Superintendent Scott Howard thought it was fitting to allow the students to share some of their experience with the board. Gifted and Talented teacher Leslie Wood and students visited the Memphis Zoo, specifically to see the Giant Panda Bears and visited the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King was shot. Students also made a trip to Sun Studios and Beale Street, watched the Peabody Ducks and visited Graceland.

“We had a great time and learned a lot in the process,” student Kobe Annis said.

Upcoming events of importance mentioned were: Instructional rounds taking place at Butler County Middle School on Sept. 17. Instructional rounds will consist of educators and administrators attending brief sessions of classes at the middle school to identify potential problems of practice in the classroom and development of plans to address or better develop methods of instruction. JROTC inspections will be taking place at the high school on Sept. 18. Other events include the WKU Top Scholar Luncheon on Sept. 18, where Butler County students will be recognized and the Third Region Superintendents meeting which will take place in Owensboro on Sept. 27 at noon.

Approval of the following items took place:

Approval for the BCHS and BCMS yearbook trip request to visit the Currey Ingram Academy in Brentwood Tennessee on Sept. 27

Approval of Butler County High School Band and senior overnight trip request to attend the 2019 Morehead State University Blue and Gold Championship of Marching Bands at Morehead State University on Sept. 28

Approve Fiscal Year 2020 fundraiser request for Butler County Middle and High School

Approval of Fiscal Year 2020 Working Budget

Approval of FMLA request for North Butler Elementary School teacher

Approval of second reading of 10.4 Butler County Board of Education Policy Revision – Advertising and Distribution of Materials in Schools

Approval of second reading of 09.12 AP .22 Butler County Board of Education Policy Revision – Nonresident Student Admissions


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