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SUPA's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Huge Success

The Butler County High School SUPA program has been very well known for years about putting on some amazing plays.  This year though they gave a performance suited for all ages, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Everybody is very familiar with the two movies versions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Each version has its different qualities, but the show that SUPA put on stayed more true to the novel written by Roald Dahl.

The members of  SUPA started preparing in early January for the production.  Under the direction of new SUPA advisor Mr. Brandon Poole they set the groundwork early for what was a spectacular production.  The script called for a more simple set, but with the special help of Mr. Sam Hunt, the members created an elaborate set that had the audience gasping in their seats, as it was first revealed.   The set included many different aspects from the beloved story, like the great glass elevator that the characters ride throughout the factory. 

The SUPA cast did a marvelous job of bringing the story to life.  They had three different performances throughout the weekend and each performance had the audience laughing during every scene.  The SUPA cast even had the special treat of performing for one of the most captive audiences that anyone could ever have- elementary school students. 

SUPA truly gave the community an outstanding show to attend.  With the amazing group of students who are dedicated to the program, there’s no telling just what they can accomplish next.




Outstanding show! The kids of Butler County are very talented in many ways. Loved the Show!
The play was wonderful. The actors and actresses did a great job. The set was very creative. Both of my sons and my students enjoyed the play. Great job Mr. Poole, Mr. Hunt, and cast.
I think everyone did a wonderful job! There were many hours put into making this play a success and it was fantastic. It was very entertaining and I am so glad the elementary schools were able to attend. Great job everyone!
So many great memories of numerous productions I've been in over the years of school at BCHS. Sam Hunt is a fantastic stage and set designer, good to see him still involved with these productions.

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