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Strength, dignity and essential oils

Proverbs 31 is a scripture that Tabby Daugherty lives her life by; so much that she named her store "P31" with the scripture in mind. This Bible verse comes from an oracle that King Lemuel’s mother taught him. The verse discusses the strength and power of women.

Daugherty discussed the meaning behind the scripture for her and said that she feels that it is what she and her business represent. Daugherty is the owner of P-31, a shop that specializes in essential oils, natural products and remedies.

While Daugherty said that she does not consider herself a 100 percent “Proverbs woman,” she strives to do all that she can to help others and provide for her family. The scripture also talks about helping those in need and standing up for those who can’t. Daugherty feels that this is something she has always stood for and considers herself an advocate for those that may not be able to do certain things. 

An attempt to save money on laundry soaps sparked Daugherty’s interest in the benefits of natural homemade products and led her to start up her own business at home. Years later, Daugherty is now able to produce all of her products at her store.

P-31 is located on Tyler Street in Morgantown and has been open for almost a year now. Daugherty started her business four years ago when she began making her own laundry soaps as a way to save money and provide extra income for her family. She began asking her friends if they would be interested in purchasing her products. She was overwhelmed with the support she received and soon after, created a Facebook page to sell her items on.

“The next day I had 800 people on the page,” Daugherty said.

People began requesting items and other products. Daugherty said she had ordered a kit and learned to mix essential oils during the time of the creation of her new business and wanted to try something besides medications for her children.

Daugherty talked about how expensive the oils are that she buys and said she wants to be able to provide them to people for a decent price. Daugherty researches the oils and blends of oils that can be created to aid for specific uses and purposes. She then looks up the cost of the individual oils that go into the blend and charges for the products based on size and products.

“When I can make the products and break them down, people can afford them,” Daugherty said.

Daugherty also explained that she is completely self-taught on essential oils. While Daugherty said she did not go to school for anything in this area of specialty, she has done tons of research to find out what works and to discover the best ways to provide the products to people. She uses an app on her phone that provides details on the oils, their uses and pricing information.

Daugherty said she wants to provide an alternative to people who may be looking for other uses besides medicine.

“People are tired of medications and they want something natural,” she said.  

Daugherty is aware of those that are skeptical towards things such as oils and explained that her husband used to be the biggest skeptic. She said now he doesn’t go a day without using them. She said she has had a lot of people lately coming into the store that didn’t think it would work and turned out to be very shocked with the results. Daugherty encourages everyone to give it a try and see if it can help them.

Some of the big uses that she caters to have included blends for migraines, body aches and pain, sleep and calming aids and beauty and hair care. Daugherty said she had received multiple positive feedback from customers. She said there are people with dry scalp and acne who have been able to get better use from her products than the medical ones they were previously using.

“I’ve got somebody every day that comes in here and tells me that these things are working,” Daugherty said.

Essential oils are just one of the many products that she provides. Other items include savs, creams and butters for pain and other uses. Her beauty products include cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs, and preventatives such as lice spray and bug sprays. She also has a new and a line of pet care products including flea and tick spray and calming products or dogs.

Daugherty said she knows two older ladies who come into the store and walk with a cane and said that it has changed their life.

“They are able to walk better, move better and it has just improved their quality of life,” she said.

While Daugherty said the helps a lot of older patients at her store, she said she also sees just as many younger people coming in these days. From children with ADHD to teenagers with acne, she has a solution for just about anyone.

Although Daugherty believes that it can help in many aspects of daily life, she is not advocating against the use of medicines or doctors. She said she encourages people to talk with their doctors beforehand and simply wants to help give people other options and relief.

Many of her products are a result of ideas from others who have recommended things. While she keeps her regular and base oils in stock, and makes up some products ahead of time, she takes requests from people for specific products or researches based on your needs to see what mixture can be made specific to the individual. She is then able to make up the product in store if not already in stock. Daugherty wants to encourage people to come in and talk to her and recommend items and products that they are interested in

Daugherty has also created some of her own unique ideas and products such a face cleanser that she created as well as her popular items such as the pain relief cream and rash cream for babies as well as her signature laundry soaps. She uses essential oil blends in almost all of her products.

Daugherty also sales essential oil diffusers and other household products and locally made items. Items such as jewelry, headbands and homemade treats from local vendors can also be found at her store.

For more information or questions about her products, visit her store at 104 South Tyler St. Suite B or call 270-999-2134. P31 can also be found on Facebook.  


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