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STRANGE TALES - A Halloween Special: "Mama"

Throughout the years I have had my daughters call out to me or my husband during the night needing comfort, and several times they ended up in bed with us.  What if the child you heard calling out to you wasn’t really there?  Imagine being able to hear them call to you and feel the weight of their little body crawling into your bed, just to realize that you are the only one there?  Considering that Morgantown is a tightly knit community, all names are changed in the sharing of these experiences to respect their privacy.

Up until the night of the incident, the house appeared normal with no issues supernatural or worldly to note.  However, the night of the occurrence has since set off a chain of events that continue to this day in the rental home Sara and her family have lived in since 2021.  The large ranch style property was great for their growing family with plenty of room for everyone to have their own space. To follow along with this story, you must take note of the layout of the home. Sara and her husband’s bedroom is on one end of the home while the children’s rooms are on the complete opposite side of the house.  

Sara’s husband worked nights, and on this night in particular she and her children were home alone.  Asleep in her bed, she was awakened by a child saying “Mama.”  Opening her eyes, she looked to the side of her bed to see her son climbing under the covers with her, but she couldn’t see his face. Thinking she could not see because of the sleepiness in her eyes, Sara blinked, trying to focus on her son.  Gently she reached out to touch his face, but he was gone.   

Startled, Sara clambered out of bed and went to the other end of the house in search of her youngest child, her son. Peeking into his room she found him sound asleep in his own bed. Slowly she began to realize that he had never called out to her; he had never even been in her room. There was no way possible he could have beat her to his room, jumped into bed, and been in a deep sleep. Sarah would have heard and seen him running from her room to his bedroom at the other end of the house if this were the case. 

Since that night Sara still hears a child calling out “Mama” from time to time. Dutifully as any mother would, she will take off to her children’s rooms only to find them asleep.  While she said these happenings do spook her, in a weird way she feels as if she is filling a need. Sara knows that whatever spirit is still residing in that home is missing/wanting to be comforted by a mama, and she is the closest thing it has to that. 

Decades ago, the residence was a doctor’s office, in a time when medical practitioners lived and worked out of their homes.  During this era, it was not uncommon for child births and deaths to occur at home and at your local doctor’s office. Could the voice belong to one of these children of the past?  After asking for people to come forward with their true hauntings, I have had many come forward.  To me this proves that the veil between this world and the afterlife can be very thin at times, giving us a glimpse of those that lived before us and still linger. 


Story by Amber McIntosh, for Beech Tree News.


Editor's Note:  This is the first installment in a series featuring scary stories of local origin.  We hope you enjoy.  Happy Halloween!


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