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Stoye Young tapped as new principal at BCHS

Stoye Young, new principal at Butler County High School

Butler County High School (BCHS) has a new principal. Stoye Young, currently assistant principal at Warren East High School, was hired by the BCHS Site-Based Decision Making Council on Tuesday afternoon. The council had nine applicants for the position and four candidates were interviewed.   

Mr. Young is a 1997 graduate of Warren East High School.  He taught Social Studies at Franklin Simpson High School from 2002-2012.  He has served as athletic director from 2008-2012.  He was a member of Franklin Simpson High School SBDM council from 2009-2012.  In 2012, he took the assistant principal job at Warren East Middle School.  In 2014, he moved to Warren East High School as assistant principal.  

According to Butler County Schools’ Assistant Superintendent Robert Tuck, the council relied on information from the community survey, established criteria, and input from stakeholders.  Tuck, who will take over as superintendent on July 1, served as the chairperson for the SBDM during the principal selection process.  Based on those factors, Tuck said the council considered Young to be the best candidate for the job.    

“Mr. Young brings a lot of experience to the position, has a curriculum background, understands discipline, and embraces a whole-child approach to education,” said Tuck.  “He will be visible in the school and community, supports a team approach, and he shares our vision of moving the district forward.”    

Mr. Young will be at the SBDM Council meeting on Thursday at 4:30 p.m. for anyone who wants to meet him. 

Stoye Young will officially assume his new position on July 1.  He replaces Michael Gruber, who is retiring.  

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