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Stevie Givens Seeks Re-Election As First District Magistrate

I am Steve Givens and I am seeking re-election for First District Magistrate in Butler County.  I have been your First District Magistrate for the past 12 years, and hope to continue to do so for the next four years.  I enjoy serving on the Fiscal Court and helping to improve our community.  We have been working on several projects for next year that we are very excited about.
I have been serving on the Volunteer Fire Department for the past 40 years, and I am still serving.  Recently, I have been appointed to the Kentucky Association of County Officials (KACO) Insurance Board in Frankfort.  I am proud to represent Butler County and feel very honored to be chosen. 
I was born in Morgantown and have lived here my entire life.  I still reside here with my wife Angie.  I am very proud to say I am from Butler County. 
I am now going door to door, and hope to speak with each and every person.  I would like to discuss some of the ideas and projects we have in store for the people of Butler County. 
I am asking for YOUR VOTE to re-elect me STEVIE GIVENS, #1 on the Ballot, as your First District Magistrate on May 20th.


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