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Shooting Incident Leads to Drug Arrest

Jeffrey Garrett Geary

A Butler County man has been arrested on drug charges after a shooting incident on Thursday evening.

Jeffrey Garrett Geary, 19, of 140 Lazy 4K Lane, was taken into custody by Butler County Sheriff's Deputy Trey Flener after law enforcement responded to a call of shots being fired into a house on Lazy 4K Lane on the North Side.

According to the Butler County Sheriff's Office, Geary was visiting friends at the home of Charlie McKinney when he became involved in an argument early Thursday evening. Geary allegedly went to his home, which is located across the road and approximately 400-500 yards from McKinney's house, and then emerged a short time later and began firing an as yet undetermined firearm into the home, causing minor damage. No injuries were reported, but the home was occupied by up to seven people at the time of the shooting.

Upon arrival deputies saw the damage to the McKinney home, and recovered several spent shell casings at Geary's home. Deputy Trey Flener said that casings found were 30-30 and 22-250 caliber. McKinney stated that one bullet was found embedded in an interior wall in the McKinney living room.

Deputy Flener said that Geary admitted he fired some rounds after returning from the McKinney home, although he denies firing at the other house. Geary stated that he shot his guns into the ground, and into some trees. Flener said several weapons and ammunition were also present in the house. Deputies also found a quantity of illegal drugs on Geary when that searched him for firearms, leading to his arrest and incarceration in the Butler County Jail.

At present Geary is charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance-1st Offense, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia-1st offense. Butler County Sheriff Scottie Ward told BTN on Friday that evidence related to the alleged shooting will be turned over to the Butler County Grand Jury, and that more charges could come out of that.

Responding were; the Butler County Sheriff's Office--Deputies Trey Flener and Travis McIntosh, along with Officer Denny Deweese and Sgt. Paul Burden from the Morgantown Police Department.


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