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Second resource officer added at local schools

Deputy Jaman Childers and Josh Belcher, NBES Principal

The Butler County Sheriff's Department, in cooperation with the Butler County School District, has placed an additional resource officer at a local school. 
According to Butler County Sheriff Scottie Ward, Deputy Jaman Childers has been sworn in as a part-time deputy sheriff.  Deputy Childers will be working three days per week, 24 hours, and will split his time between North Butler Elementary and Morgantown Elementary.  Childers, a Butler County native, recently retired from the Kentucky State Police.
According to Sheriff Ward, Superintendent Howard was "instrumental" in finding funding for the second resource officer. 
"We have a good working relationship with the local school district and are excited about adding another resource officer," said Sheriff Ward.  "School safety is a priority for everyone and I know Deputy Childers will be a valuable asset the school environment."

School Rescoure Officer Deputy Travis McIntosh with Assistant Principal Tim Freeman (left) and Principal Robert Tuck.

Deputy Childers will join Deputy Travis McIntosh as the other resource officer from the Butler County Sheriff's Department.  Deputy McIntosh works forty (40) hours per week and splits hit day between Butler County High School and Butler County Middle School.  He also attends extra-curricula activities such as ball games and other events.  


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