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Scottie Ward Seeks Re Election for Butler County Sheriff

I want to start off asking each of you for your vote on May 20, 2014.  I want to give everyone a little background on me, information on what we have done in the Sheriff’s Department the last three years, and things I want to improve on in the next four years.

I am married to Jamie (Martin) we have three wonderful kids Kasey, Gage and Jacie. I graduated from Butler County High School in 1985 and joined the Army in 1986. In 1989 I got out of the Army joined the National Guard and worked a short period at IMCO before getting hired with the State Police. While with the State Police I worked my way up through the ranks from Trooper, Detective, Narcotics Detective, Sergeant and Operations Lieutenant/Assistant Post Commander. I retired from the State Police in 2009 as the Post #3 Operations Lieutenant/Assistant Post Commander. In 2010 I ran for Sheriff and was elected and took office January 2011.

 Over the last three years I have tried to update our Sheriff Department and make it a more professional full service department. From day one we have provided 24/7 coverage throughout the county. Fatal accidents have dropped from 13 in 2011 to 2 in 2013. We have taken our fleet from one vehicle under 100,000 miles to five. We have put computers and printers in every vehicle so the deputies have the ability to do their job any where in the county. I put in for a grant and got it that gave every deputy a bullet proof vest, back up gun and a taser that cost the county nothing. We have taken over three extra duties that the department wasn’t doing when I was elected which are the Housing Authority Security, School Resource Officer and Animal Control. We have computerized the tax collection in the office to try and save you time when paying your taxes.

My budget over the last three years has increased solely on what fiscal court has given other county employees. I have only spent your tax dollars on what we needed to run the office and what we have to have for the deputy’s to do their job and do it safely.  In my budget for 2014 I received an increase of $3942.40 I will be returning to the county in excess fees around $25,000.00. This means $21,058.00 of your tax money going back in the county’s budget.

Looking forward I would like to have one more School Resource Officer to cover our two elementary schools. I would also like to get it set up where you have the option of paying your tax bill online. We have got to continue to move forward and stay up to date.
In closing I want to say that this Department has only accomplished what we have done over the last three years by working together.


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