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School Board Votes to Advertise Tax Rate

The Butler County Board of Education met in special session on Thursday, August 14th, 2014 at the Butler County Education Complex. Chairperson Karen Evans called the meeting to order with Delbert Johnson, Charles Price, and Debbie Hammers in attendance.  Amy Hood participated by phone.  The board engaged in a lengthy discussion concerning the 2015 School Tax Rates.  According to Superintendent Scott Howard the current tax rate is 37.7
“The board can leave the rate the same, which would generate approximately $5,000 more than last year or increase the rate to 39.1, which would generate approximately $104,558.79 in additional revenue,” said Howard. 
He also outlined some of the possible additional needs in the district including: adding a head teacher at the Learning Center (which was done this year), additional instructional aides, an English Second Language Teacher, additional music teacher ( BCHS and BCMS Band now has 400 students), and the Leader In Me Program. 
School district finance officer Eric Elms told the board that without an increase in the tax rate a cut from the state funding is likely.  Butler County’s school tax rate is currently  7th from the bottom out of the 173 school districts in Kentucky. 
On a motion from Charles Price and a second by Debbie Hammers the board approved the advertisement (see below) of a proposed school tax rate of 39.1 for 2015.  All members voted in favor. 
The board will have a hearing on September 4, 2014 at 6:00pm at the Educational Complex to allow public input.  The school board will meet following the hearing to vote on the 2015 school tax rate. 
An example given during the meeting of the rate increase was, if your property was valued at  $100,000 the rate increase would increase your taxes by $14.00 per year.
Advertisement: The Butler County Board of Education will hold a public hearing at the Butler County Educational Complex on September 4, 2014 at 6:00pm to hear public comments regarding a proposed general fund tax levy of 39.1 cents on real estate property and 39.1 cents on personal property.
General Fund tax levied in fiscal year 2014 was 37.7 cents on real property and 37.7 cents on personal property and produced revenue of $1,454,235.57.  The proposed General Fund tax rate of 39.1 cents on real property and 39.1 cents on personal property is expected to produce $1,558,794.36 Of this amount, $175,021.10 is from new and personal property.  The compensating tax for fiscal year 2015  is 37.6 cents on real property and 37.7 cents on personal property and is expected to produce $1,499,440.99.
The area to which revenue of $104,558.79 above 2014 revenue is to be allocated will be instruction and upgrades to the Alternative Education Program.


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