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School Bd: New Principals, AdvancED Accredition, and Construction Projects

The Butler County Board of Education met in regular session on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at 6:30 PM at the Butler County Education Complex. Board members Amy Hood, Delbert Johnson, and Debbie Hammers were present.  Superintendent Scott Howard announced two new principals in the district.  Josh Belcher is the new principal at North Butler Elementary and Ben Annis takes over the helm at Green River School.

Ben Annis, Principal Green River School


Josh Belcher, Principal North Butler Elementary
Jerry Cooper, Director of AdvancED, presented the board with a plaque and banner for the District Accreditation. 
“I am proud to make this presentation and recognize the district’s outstanding commitment to education,” said Cooper.
In other business the board approved the Treasurer’s Report presented by Eric Elms. 
Beginning Balance: $2,136,074.20
Receipts:   $1,521,722.05
Expenses: $1,310,824.27
Ending Balance: $2,346,971.98
Superintendent Scott Howard gave his monthly report recognizing playschool graduation, BCHS choral concert and awards night, district retirements, and BCMS and BCHS graduations.
Board member Delbert Johnson expressed concerns about the outside lighting at Butler County High School and the PA system.  Amy Hood also commented on the lack of lighting as people were leaving graduation.  Howard said they would check into both issues.
The board discussed the BCHS Gym Floor.  According to Howard the floor need to be refinished. 
“We have two bids , it will save about $2,000 to redo the floor during fall break instead of this summer.  Also we need to decide if the floor should be done with a water base or oil base,” said Howard.
The board agreed to table the discussion until more information could be gathered.
Howard then reviewed the Construction Projects Lists for the district.  At the top of the list is new entry ways for BCHS, BCMS, and MES for school safety, BCHS roof, BCHS parking lot/lights, and tennis courts. According to Howard the cost of four (4) courts with lights is around $300,000, in addition to purchasing the property.
The board approved the following:

  •      BCMS Girls’ Basketball Trip Request to Attend Camp at Lindsey Wilson College
  •      FY 15 Trash Bid  to Public for $20,469.47
  •      FY 15 Bond of Depository School Facilities Construction Commission Second Technology Offer of Assistance in the amount         of $11,575
  •      FY 15 School Nutrition Employee Handbook
  •      FY 15 Drug Testing Plan
  •     FY 15 Certified School Personnel Evaluation Plan- Vonda Jennings explained some of the plan to the board members.
  •     FY 15 Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline
  •     FY 14 Assurances Document Required by KDE

The board adjourned.


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