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Santa visits Butler County Public Library

People flowed steadily into the Butler County Public Library on Tuesday night, December 4th. At first one would think the crowd was due to it being fine free Tuesday...for those of you who don’t know, this takes place on the first Tuesday of every month. So, dig out those books that you have been ashamed to turn in from six years ago and come by. However, the growing crowd was not due to Fine Free Tuesday, it was because Santa was on his way.

          The crowd grew slowly and the low hum of people talking intermingled with the soft sounds of Christmas music. Then the bells on the door jingle jangled and a deep, burly “ho, ho, ho” emanated from the door. He was finally here!  My youngest squealed out “Hey! Hey Santa! I got a book!”.  As more and more children realized he had arrived they lined up to tell him their Christmas wishes and ask questions about his operations up north. How many toys could one elf make? What was his favorite cookie?

            While waiting to visit Santa, families were able to check out the newest library display by Major Deweese.  Once again, the Marvel crew was together, but this time they had taken a break from fighting illiteracy to celebrate the Christmas holiday.  The elaborate scene was designed and assembled once again by Major himself.  His creativity knows no bounds, and he once again outdid himself.  Librarian Kathy Lawrence said it took him six hours to assemble the display.  The scene is of a Christmas gathering, featuring the heroes in various poses opening presents and fellowshipping.  Seated in the center of the living room in front of the fireplace is Captain America, unmasked, reading from the Holy Bible. Behind him on the mantle of the fireplace is the tiniest nativity I have ever seen.  Each time you look at the display you noticed something new. 


In the top section of the display is a nativity scene created entirely from Legos, complete with a host of angels, wisemen, and livestock. These two amazing scenes will be on display until the first week of 2019, so make sure you stop in to see them.  Who knows what he will plan next?

To end the night with Santa, a raffle was held for a bag of children’s books.  Our library has several programs and events that take place year around for children and adults of all ages.  To see what our library has to offer stop in and pay them a visit.


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