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Sand Between the Toes: MCRC Trip A Success

Ask Morgantown Care and Rehab residents Linda Gray and Morene “Dimple” Daugherty what last week was like and expect to listen for a while. That’s because they were chosen from the local facility to be part of a special trip to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina September 24-27.

“When you look out on that ocean for the first time it’ll bring tears to your eyes. That’s just one little piece of God’s great creation,” said Daugherty Tuesday morning as she and Gray recalled trip highlights.

“We took a van to Westmoreland Tennessee which then became part of a bus load for the rest of the trip”, said Lynn Harris, social service director at MCRC. She, along with Brandy Smith, registered nurse, served as escorts.

For both Daugherty and Gray, Butler County natives, it was their first time to see an ocean. Daugherty was one of the few who leaped at the chance to ride in a raft and feel the waves beneath. They even took a dinner cruise on the intercoastal waterway according to Harris. 

The term “bucket list” for Gray and Daugherty would clearly refer to how they could have brought back a bucket full of items such as sand or shells. “I liked the sand and water between my toes,” Gray exclaimed.

 Quality of Life leaders spent the better part of 2012 planning, with facilities hosting various types of events to fund the trip according to Signature’s website, which states that a total of about 100 residents and caregivers from Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida made the trip. A photo of Daugherty is on the website.

Participants had their own camera to record the trip. They each will have a photo album to show visitors as they tell their stories. This is the second year for such a trip as Alyene Carroll and Alice Basham went to Disney World last year.

Story and photo by Roger Southerland, Beech Tree News/WLBQ 1570



What a wonderful thing for them to get experience.

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