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Roger Southerland Shares History Bits- Some Bubble Gum for the Brain

While searching old Hartford Herald newspapers as research for possible historical stories, these scattered bits of history all seem a shame not to share.

March 19, 1884
The authorities of Rochester, Butler County, are enforcing the law against profanity. There is no excuse whatsoever for the use of profane language, and the habit should be discountenanced.

In the same issue:
Arrangements have been made for an old folk’s meeting in Morgantown, May 28th (1884). A committee of arrangements has been appointed, and all the old people of Butler and adjoining counties are invited to attend.

May 23, 1883
The survivors of the 11th Kentucky Regiment are hereby called to meet in re-union on the 4th day of July, 1883, at Young’s Mills, 4 miles south of Morgantown, on the Morgantown and Russellville road.-E.F. Kinnaird Maj.

August 27, 1884 Classified
 Rochester High School-This new institution is expected to open the first of September, in the elegant and commodious building now being erected for its use. A full and thorough course of instruction, including music and art, able and experienced teachers, modern school furniture, good board at low rates, in an enterprising and healthy town. Send for a catalogue to Prof. G. H. Baker, Rochester Ky.

And finally, this from October 5, 1881:

Bob Gray, who removed from this neighborhood to Ellis County, Texas, last November, made his return with his family last week, well satisfied to remain in Butler the balance of his life. He advises all who expect to move to Texas to visit the country before moving. He came back through the Indian Territory and Kansas, but saw no country as beautiful to his eye as Butler County, Ky., consequently he has made an offer for the old Lee farm, lying on the ridge between this neighborhood and Morgantown.



Love your stories, keep it up! Christine
Thanks for sharing Roger. Keep finding these old treasures for all to enjoy.

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